Coca-Cola Whistleblower Shares Company’s Anti-White Training They Forced Employees to Go Through

February 25, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patrioticviralnews

Racism appears to be alive, well, and this viral video confirms it has infected one of America’s most popular and oldest companies — Coca-Cola.

A whistleblower at the soda company reports that the massive corporation is actively indoctrinating employees into the left-wing gibberish that to be White is effectively the same thing as being a racist. Coca-Cola wants its remaining White workers to understand they are inherently bad people because of their light skin color.

For example, a stunning “racial sensitivity” training at Coca-Cola calls White people “oppressive,” “ignorant,” and “arrogant.” The liberal corporation also insists White people shut-up, listen and believe in themselves as racist, even if they treat others with compassion and fairness. You’re all White devils. You just don’t know it!

But this explosive video doesn’t just expose the garden-variety insanity of left-wing zealots in corporate circles. It takes their very training and turns it on its logical head. By asking “what if” the alleged truths contained in liberal doctrine were applied to others, giant holes are poked through Coca-Cola’s ridiculous exercise.


Ask yourself, what if terms like “oppressive,” “ignorant,” and “arrogant” were applied to Muslims, Jews, African-Americans, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or AOC for that matter? We all know there would be some reason why liberals and non-Whites couldn’t possibly be racist.

If you want to watch critical race theory dissected and turned into a farce, check out this outrageous video.