CoronaHoax Pandemic Proven Fake… Yet The Lockdowns Continue… Here’s Why

April 2, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff


The Dollar Vigilante

Article Source: The Dollar Vigilante | By Jeff Berwick

It was just over ten years ago that the swine flu “epidemic” was a hot topic in the media. And I remember it all too well.

A few years after, up in communist Kanada my mom got the swine flu vaccine and subsequently got sick. Not only that, but she was never able to walk again after it was given to her and her health just deteriorated from there until she passed away last year.

But my mother wasn’t the only one to experience such negative and severe side effects. After doing a search for “Swine flu shot, can’t walk” shortly thereafter, I found out that many people had similar experiences.

One story that made mainstream headlines back then was a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins who ended up not being able to walk or read very well after being administered the vaccine. Fortunately for her, she was healed through chelation therapy after a doctor suspected she was being poisoned by the mercury in the vaccine.

I bring up Swine flu because what’s going on now is eerily reminiscent of what was going on back then with people all over the place walking around using facemasks and in a general state of fear.

To me, it seems like some of the previous “outbreaks” were just test-runs leading up to a much bigger “pandemic” scare like the one we’re currently watching unfold.

Especially because many of the past televised “outbreaks” took place before the Rockefeller Institute’s Orwellian brainchild “Lockstep” was born in 2010.

Apart from a glaring initiative like Lockstep in which the “elites” are brazenly overt about their intentions for more authoritarianism in the world, more and more daily evidence keeps mounting up showing just how much of a scam this whole martial law plan is.

Several videos on Youtube have exposed the difference between what people are told by mainstream media is happening in NYC – ostensibly the biggest “hotspot” of the outbreak in the US – and what is actually happening.

The picture being painted of NYC, Brooklyn and Westchester country on CNN and by other MSM presstitutes is vastly different than the reality on the streets.

The tell-a-vision programming keeps saying that hospitals are packed, that NY governor Cuomo is worried that they’re going to hit capacity, that they don’t have enough ventilators, and that generally speaking, the greater NY area is in a complete crisis.

But on the other hand, while Governor Cuomo was telling the media that President Trump couldn’t get him enough ventilators, the NY state government was quietly storing loads of them in warehouses.


Then, you’ve got CBS who made a huge propaganda blunder yesterday when they aired an image of an “NYC” hospital room occupied by numerous patients. It turns out, the hospital picture was actually an older image aired previously by SKY news of a hospital seemingly overwhelmed and at capacity in Bergamo, in Lombardy province, Italy.

Surprise, surprise, the MSM caught in another lie.

Yet as you’ll see in one of the video clips included in my walk and talk video with Lucy and also in this clip of a guy talking to the ambulance workers outside NY presbyterian hospital, the hospitals are nowhere near capacity. Not only that, but there isn’t anyone queuing up outside in waiting for a test or treatment. Most of the ambulances are parked in the garages in front of the hospitals and generally speaking, there is very little sense of urgency displayed by ambulance drivers.

Even Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London who is the mainstream doctor poster boy for this scamdemic has gone back and revised his prediction of 550,000 deaths in the UK to a mere fraction of his original prediction.

Now he claims the number won’t be any more than 20,000 fatalities.

Now that’s a pretty drastic revision!

To see and hear more about the deception going on right now check out my walk and talk video here:



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