Coronavirus Event: Pandemic Pandemonium

March 21, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Every imaginable theory, “conspiracy” or not, has been broached re: the cause of the virus outbreak, the perpetrators involved, and the outcome that will result, intended or not. We will reserve final judgement on the matter until more facts come to the fore, the many facets can be fully explored, and some investigative dead ends dumped as possibilities. “Know that”(modern parlance) many past epidemics have turned out to be basically duds with comparatively few deaths. This was the case with the recent episodes of West Nile, SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Swine flu, and Zika. In each of these cases, very ominous announcements from public health agencies, the World Health Organization, the Centers For Disease Control, and other supposedly authoritative sources were spread via the mainstream media who spread the scariness on thick. There was massive hype about huge death rates and talk of quarantines and isolation.
In each of these cases, the number of deaths in comparison with the populations of the host areas was very, very low. The same publicity pattern emerged initially with the Corona virus event, but in this case, the powers-that-be have taken advantage of the social media modality to virally spread rumors and unsubstantiated claims quickly and widely to inflame the hysteria to unprecedented levels in an apparent bid to bring the entire world to a near standstill economically and in many ways socially as a means to facilitate the imposition of the globalist agenda and drag President Trump down in the process by putting a major crimp in the economic progress he has been successfully accomplishing thus far in his presidency. The elites want populations to obey all orders from the medical cartel–theVirus  gigantic complex of institutions, practitioners, schools, big pharma, medical journals, etc. that control the health sphere.