Could it be???

March 15, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Received from:  Keith T. Rodgers
The program to support the Ukrainian economy, approved by the IMF in June 2020, provides for the allocation of a total of five billion to Kiev over a year and a half. But there may not be new tranches. Ukraine did not meet some of the requirements for the provision of subsequent loans.

Its the standard MO of the CIA to overthrow a country. Getting them to default on loans so multinational corporations can then use those properties to advert default on said loans. John Perkins describes this in great detail in the “Economic Hit-man.”

A lesson can be learned from Venezuela where they were buying up Argentina’s debt.


Venezuela recently bought over $300 million in Argentine debt, apparently part of a strategy to help Argentina replenish its reserves after an IMF payoff and to increase regional integration.
US propaganda like to use the “Look those Venezuelan’s are eating their pets” but could it possible be from Sanctions and the starving of millions whereas Venezuela is now unable to pay off the debt, as well as oil tankers seized from Iran bringing gas as Texas used to refine Venezuelan oil?

John Bolton made it clear that the US’s intention there was to like Iraq, Syria, (Kurds) and Libya is to seize the oil to pay for the illegal wars and occupation. (Guaido a Vichy Government)

Where have we heard of this repeated GOLD theft before? Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Syria?

Look no further then the Federal Reserve and their “Final Solution” to be the lender and borrower of last resort.

Klaus Schwab: By 2030 “You’ll own nothing and be happy!”