COVID-19 Leaky Vaccine Hesitancy

August 31, 2021 in News by RBN Staff




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COVID–19 Leaky Vaccine Hesitancy (v2.5)

Table of Contents


Summarizing the hesitancy

[1] Leaky vaccines

[2] Leaky vaccines cause escape variants

[3] Vaccines target the spike protein

[4] Original Antigenic Sin

[5] Innate antibodies VS mRNA antibodies

[6] Antibiotic resistance

[7] Variants have longer incubation periods

[8] Vaccinated people will reinfect eachother

[9] Vaccinated people will increase mutations exponentially

[10] “Viruses become more infectious but less deadly” does NOT apply

[11] Risk of cytokine storms

[12] Manually calculating the ACTUAL risk using official data

[13] But the vaccines protect against variants right?

Frequently Asked Questions

[A] “Aren’t the unvaccinated causing the variants? They’re variant factories!”

[B] “But the vaccines are effective against variants!”

[C] “Well any risks from the vaccine are better than getting actual covid!”

[D] “But the spike proteins in the vaccine are different than the virus!”

[E] “The vaccines don’t cause variants because Delta appeared before the vaccinations”

[F] “What if everyone had gotten vaccinated properly though?”

[G] “Well what could we have done?”

[H] “Ok then how do we turn this around?”

[I] “So you think all these doctors and medical professionals are just LYING??”

[J] “Ok so you think everyone ELSE is LYING??”

[K] “So are we going to see a fourth wave and fourth lockdown?”

[L] “Ok well what vitamins should I take?”

[M] “What if I or someone I know got the vaccine and the things in this doc are right?”

[N] “Debate me bro!”

[O] “This is all lies! Why should I believe anything here?! You know more than the experts?”