Critical Thinking Spotlights Unelected US Supra-Gov Agenda In Arabia

June 9, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

Poking Bears and Pointing Fingers

Quoted substantially from a service we have come watch for It is logic and brevity, the June 7 issue of Critical Thinking (CT) concludes: “Believe nothing which is put in front of you – the timing and positioning of stories is always determined by an agenda, beyond reporting the news. Compare, contrast and corroborate everything.”

I add: Sadly this is becoming even more true under the Trump administration, which brings nothing new, only the same war agenda in a different Trumped-up package.  CT continues:

“US forces are establishing bases, uninvited, within Syria’s southern border. By what right, we may ask, but clearly war, destruction of another nation state and provoking the Russian bear are still very much on the agenda. When all else fails (manufactured “Arab Spring”, false flag chemical attacks and importing foreign mercenaries – ISIS) direct confrontation is what’s left. Will the US really be so stupid as to start direct military confrontation with the Syrian army and, by implication, Russia?”

CT then goes on to quote a source that seems to explain why the US is now bombing Syrians military while pretending to oppose its enemy, ISIS: US Extends Its Occupation Zone in Southern Syria by Marko Marjanović
Pentagon sets up another US base in southern Syria gobbling up yet more Syrian territory for its “deconfliction” zones”

CT then observes that only Israel can benefit from a collapse of Syria and Qatar: “Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern oil potentates are falling out. Qatar has always been a partial outlier in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), not least because of its state sponsored news channel, Al Jazeera, but hitherto Qatar has been working alongside Saudi Arabia in creating conflict within and beyond the region. Now Qatar is being isolated, which begs the question: are we seeing the next phase in the destruction of nation states in the Middle East – the GCC countries? The imperial dream of ‘Greater Israel’ beckons.”

Critical Thinking tell us that ISIS is in fact supported (never opposed) by what has come to call our Unelected US Supra-Gov, and it provides a compelling link to Saudi Arabian history that we all appreciate:  “Like ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Wahhibism are creations of the hegemonic agenda.”

Editor CEC returns: I hopes you have your breakfast down before you digest this one. An observation of my own, perhaps this story explains why the prices of Gold, Silver and Bitcoins have been rising sharply.  Are those who understand the war filled meaning of these acts running for financial cover?  If you can stand the pain of logical truth, you might subscribe to free, Critical Thinking.