CRYING WOLF?   (Naomi Wolf)

June 6, 2022 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff



By Je suis Spike


My friends, Dr. Naomi Wolf, the woman charged with manning up Albert Arnold Gore Jr, back in the day, is making the rounds on “conservative” media these days. We’ve seen her on Tucker Carlson and a few online programs and we have recently been treated to some VERY IMPORTANT articles she has written including appearing right here at RepublicBroadcasting.Org, including, Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide. She seems to be aware of the horror that her people, (fellow Democrats, fellow leftists), are attempting to bring down on us and, further, she seems to want to alert us to it and, thereby, help to stop it.

This is what seems to be.


But, beware of the good Dr. Wolf. As recently as 5 January, 2021, (the day before grammy and grampy tried to overthrow the government), she appeared on a video with a fellow lefty and warned us that Trump might try to stop the peaceful transition of power.

On Youtube find:   Don’t Expect A Peaceful Transfer of Power: The Ongoing Suspension Of The Rule Of Law w/ Naomi Wolf.   It was a tremendous smear of President Trump and his supporters. Her co-squawker in this video was Julianna Forlano.

Based upon the lockdowns of many Governors around the nation, Wolf suggested that Trump might declare martial law, “We have – and the Democrats, especially have – played into the hands of a President who might want to declare martial law, because there are emergency measures across the country in state after state due to the coronavirus. [Actually, the measures are in place due to corrupt politicians seeking to acquire more of the people’s power, but she continues…] In my state, New York state, Andrew Cuomo keeps – not based on the science – extending emergency law…”

Now, while she does make note of Cuomo’s travesty, she is using the actions of others to intimate that President Trump may well declare martial law. Might she additionally accuse President Trump of additional travesties based upon the additional actions of others? It is said that the past can be prologue.

Just a warning…

Watch the first 5 minutes of this video and keep this January 2021 Naomi Wolf in mind when you listen to today’s Naomi Wolf.

Even if she’s a lefty on other things, I hope today’s Naomi Wolf is sincere regarding her current pronouncements on whom we should not trust regarding getting shot, and the many stances which are getting her on conservative programming.

Keep your powder dry,