Cuomo’s Corona Panic

March 27, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Finally someone, (other than myself), identifies the INSANE demands of needing 30,000 Ventilators.

You will also need MORE Respiratory Therapists, MORE Pulmonologists,  MORE Phlebotomists, MORE nurses,  and you will need to build on to your lab,(more tests),  and also build on to your Blood Gas lab.

Ventilators without the trained people are USELESS.

Typical stupid government thinking.   Putting the cart before the horse.
Where in the heck do you plan to store 30,000 ventilators?
They are quite large.
Do you have the patient load to demand asking for 30,000 ventilators?
INSANITY overriding Common Sense, and Logic.  That is what Panic, and Fear will do.

– Steve Elkins

Source: Lew Rockwell