Dad Fired for Pushing Back Against Critical Race Theory

March 17, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:   patrioticviralnews


It’s essential to understand that today’s left-wing radicals took their marching orders from the likes of former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Their tenure in the White House changed the country’s trajectory in ways few could have conceived at the time.

In this viral video, conservative firebrand Glenn Beck traces the foundation laid by the Obamas that is currently dismantling basic decency. When one father challenged a school district’s decision to teach hate-based Critical Race Theory, he lost his job.

It seems fundamentally unfair that a long-tenured public school football coach could be fired because he disagreed with the curriculum change. He took exception to the fact the taxpayer-funded school began indoctrinating his young daughter and other students. He learned that previously trusted administrators and teachers taught his daughter that being White, or a police officer is the equivalent of being a supremacist.


He also pushed back on the tender age of children being taught to hate police or people with other skin colors. This occurred without parents knowing about it in advance. Obviously, liberal educators wanted to keep their race-baiting a secret as long as possible.

But the larger problem stems from the fact that school officials wrongfully terminated a reputable coach because he exercised his First Amendment right to require government-paid officials to tell the truth. If you want to protect your community’s school-aged children, get answers on this stunning video.