Debt Bombs: Here Are The States With The Most Debt

September 29, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

by Tyler Durden

According to a new report from Truth in Accounting, the most-indebted states include New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Delaware, Kentucky, California, and New York.

Truth in Accounting published the Financial State of the States report, a regional analysis of the most recent state government financial data, on Tuesday, that is one of the most comprehensive studies of the economic conditions of all 50 states. The report includes the most up-to-date state finance and pension data, trends across the states, and key findings.

The report said all 50 states have had to become more transparent in their financial reporting over the last several years, thanks to the implementation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Researchers this year uncovered something truly shocking: “40 states do not have enough money to pay all of their bills and in total the states have racked up $1.5 trillion in unfunded state debt.”