Defund NATO

March 10, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanfreedomnews


by Don Wassall

When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended in the early 1990s, the Warsaw Pact disbanded.  But its counterpart, NATO, not only didn’t likewise disband, it began methodically expanding eastward toward Russia despite assurances from Washington to Moscow that it wouldn’t.

Ukraine joining NATO would be like Canada and/or Mexico joining a reconstituted Warsaw Pact along with much of Central and South America.  How do you think Washington would react to having hostile troops and hi-tech weaponry – including nukes – on our borders?  Of course there’s no way it would have been allowed to get anywhere close to that point.

In any argument or disagreement, the effective debater steps into the shoes of his opponent and views his side of the story as objectively as he can before rebutting it.  But that is not allowed when it comes to the Russian incursion into Ukraine.  Instead we are seeing the same one-sided non-stop propaganda as we did with the Covid “pandemic” and for that matter all other major events in recent U.S. history – a “party line” is quickly established with no deviations allowed, with those who have a different point of view being vilified and when possible censored.  Ain’t “democracy” grand?

It looks like Vladimir Putin’s goal is to install a regime in Ukraine that is either neutral or pro-Russian.  The U.S. is the longstanding grandmaster of regime change, via the CIA, NGOs, “color revolutions,” and sometimes, yes, military action.

Ukraine is not a democracy; it is a failed state and is now basically an ultra-corrupt gangster state.  There’s a reason Ukraine became Hunter Biden’s favorite country well before the Democrats and most Republicans jumped on the bandwagon.

Speaking of Republicans, the most revolting spectacle in the midst of the stick-figure level of simplistic propaganda being purveyed is how quickly most of them have dropped domestic concerns and now “stand with Joe” in battling Russia and its alleged neo-Hitler madman.  The sheer incompetence of the Biden Administration combined with its hostility to most normal Americans makes the Democrats and their ruinous policies ripe for the taking this November.  But leave it to the “loyal opposition” party to do everything possible once again to screw it up.  If only the Republicans in Congress and on outlets like Fox News reacted with 10 percent of the passion and anger to what’s taking place on our southern border as they do to what’s happened to Ukraine’s borders.

Wars are always the enemy of freedom, and Washington has been engaged in an endless amount of them for the past nearly quarter-century.  The only time there was somewhat of a letup in war-making was when Donald Trump was President and espoused America First policies.  But the neo-conservatives dominate both monopoly parties and, like the rest of the establishment, are never held accountable for their mistakes and crimes, and so, for now at least, the American People can only hope and pray that the Biden Regime incompetents don’t manage to blunder into a major conflict with a country that has many thousands of nuclear weapons.

The underlying issue is whether there is going to be a multi-polar world, with Russia and China playing influential roles along with the U.S., or whether the U.S. Globohomo Empire will continue to try to dominate (rule) the world.  The United States’ natural sphere of influence is the Western Hemisphere, not the entire world.  It’s time to defund NATO and recognize that the glory days of 1945 that the U.S. establishment still wallows in aren’t returning.

The American People don’t want a globe-straddling empire and never have.  Empire has contributed greatly to the hollowing out of America, to the point that the “values” the American Empire exports to the world have devolved into “woke” craziness and general decadence and immorality.  Is that worth fighting World War III over?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is indefensible; however in a free country Americans would be able to discuss the background leading up to the conflict without being demonized.  One can only hope that the conflict is contained and defused before it gets worse.  But given the Biden Regime’s track record it’s likely that the sanctions being imposed on Russia will also “blow back” on Americans just as much or more.

Genuine leaders would be concentrating on sealing America’s borders, getting us back to energy independence again, and otherwise making the country as self-sufficient as possible.  And if there is ever to be peace in the world and among peoples, all countries must denuclearize and deal with each other from a position of mutual respect instead of domination and submission.  May God help Americans to become wiser in this most difficult and dangerous period.