Democrats Call In To C SPAN En MASSE To Say That They Are FLEEING The Democratic Party

September 3, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  freedom4um

2020-09-02 11:20:55 by Horse


Poster Comment:

6 Democrat mayors from the working class Iron Range of Minnesota endorsed Trump for 2020.

Wiki: The rural area has remained a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party stronghold because of its history of a largely unionized workforce in the mining industry, the mainstay of the economy of the Iron Range. In 2004, John Kerry carried most of the counties in the region by a comfortable margin. This was perhaps aided by George W. Bush referring to the area as the “Iron Ridge” in a campaign speech. Barack Obama outperformed McCain in 2008, carrying every county in the Iron Range. The area remains the greatest Democratic stronghold in Minnesota after the urban centers of Minneapolis and St. Paul. In 2016, Donald Trump’s populist message enabled him to gain ground in the Iron Range, winning multiple counties and reducing the Democratic margins of victory in others.