Dereliction of Election Duty

June 9, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanfreedomnews


by Sidney Secular

The predilection of the “powers-that-shouldn’t-be” is to conduct election fraud whenever they feel it is called for (and that is always!) “just in case.” Ballot fraud has been a fact of American life for some time – indeed, we have no idea how long this has been “S.O.P” (standard operating procedure) but I do remember the questionable results of the Presidential election of 1960 at which time Mayor Daily of Chicago delivered Cook County’s votes to JFK together with Lyndon Johnson’s efforts in Texas thus cheating Richard Nixon out of the presidency. Nixon had the good grace not to contest the election fearing that the cold war problems would be exacerbated by any attempt to overturn Kennedy’s “victory.” Of course, history tragically played out this matter for both men, Kennedy in 1963 and Nixon in his second term!

The most recent fraud culminated in a crescendo of every possible connivance under the sun during the run-up to the 2020 Presidential “preconceived selection” election. What was done to deny Donald Trump his second term has not been seriously called out until fairly recently. In a type of gaslighting, the technique that is increasingly popular with our overlords, they told us and are still telling us that there is no evidence of such fraud whereas it was never exactly hidden and what was done was both pronounced and hideous.

“Gaslighting” is the means by which an individual or group of individuals is made to question their own reason and the facts upon which that reason is based. It is a strategy used by those in authority to get people to question reality itself, making them feel foolish and senseless because they have accepted that reality. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what efforts have been made since the “coronation” of the “Bidenista” puppet regime to rectify the wreckage of our political system stemming from the ruthless attack upon it by our mortal enemies so that the upcoming mid-terms might somewhat resemble a normal, legitimate election.

Parenthetically, anyone who understands reality knows that short of a purge of all the present Deep State minions including a judicial response to the original crimes, our electoral process is simply dead. Once fraud has been accomplished and accepted, no further truly legitimate election can take place. Even if one manages to have such a thing, no one will believe the results. That is the sad thing that happens once one loses trust in the government; that is, short of the apocalypse, such trust cannot be regained!

Many purported “conservatives” have “gone along to get along” with the dismantling of America as it represents the current and victorious leftist zeitgeist venturing farther into the ideological “left field” with the passage of time. Anyone with any clout seems to be colluding with America’s enemies but whether this is the result of a desire to hold on to power and money or it represents existing ideological communion is not known and neither is it important. What matters is the collusion of those involved, and that includes liberals of all stripes, present minions of the Deep State, conniving neo-cons who desire an all-powerful government ruled by corporate interests, along with the military and state bureaucracies not yet part of the central Deep State, hi-tech and international corporations and, finally, the social, educational and intellectual establishments up to their knees in “doo-doo” and doing that which satisfies their leftist masters.

Since each state has its own election laws and related regulations and procedures, many have individually and recently enacted some reform measures. These efforts are not coordinated among states or blocs of states, so at least some voting irregularities have been addressed on a piecemeal and parochial basis. Using this methodology, at least some headway is being made here and there against the constant and strong headwinds trying to blow away any and all attempts at reform. The ongoing war with our enemies can be likened to skirmishes along a lengthy battle front where the unified enemy defense forces can be attacked at certain weak points and forced to yield in limited ways, while the enemy can counter-attack at any time such that our positions are never truly secure and any territory gained is temporary at best.

The Heritage Foundation has assembled a list of election issues that need to be addressed in each state and the District of Columbia with a scorecard system to rate how each state is faring in their reform efforts on those issues important to them. This project is at least providing a somewhat unifying base among conservatives who as a political force in the past generally go their own separate ways with their own separate agendas. Conservatives can now know that they’re on the same page and as a result are finally getting excited and motivated over the idea that elections must – and can! – be fair and that integrity in the process is crucial especially given how widespread and deep is the conspiracy against honest elections.

The categories for ranking state efforts include voter ID implementation, accuracy of voter registration lists, absentee ballot management, vote harvesting/trafficking restrictions, access of election observers and verification of citizenship. There seems to be little attempt to address the issue of manipulating or monkeying around with the final results of an election via the algorithms that make electronic voting systems subject to the type of widespread fraud that occurred in connection with the election of 2020. The only real solution to that issue is to eliminate electronic voting altogether everywhere. The State of Kentucky appears to be the only one that is set to eliminate electronic voting in the near future but there appears to be no integrated or comprehensive effort at the national level to address voter fraud per se. It would be a good plank in the platform of any third party if one were to ever gain traction before the whole matter becomes moot.

In 2021, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Georgia, Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona created new or firmer voter ID laws. Thirteen states – Texas, North Dakota, Arizona, Louisiana, Kansas, Iowa, Montana, Oklahoma, Idaho, Florida, Alabama, Arizona and Georgia placed restrictions on mail-in voting. New Hampshire, Utah, Montana, Iowa and Texas strengthened voter registration laws. Texas, Kentucky and Arizona are the only states that took or attempted to take action on all the various issues that facilitate vote fraud. Ballot harvesting, or the practice of having individuals or organizations gather and submit completed ballots, and ballot trafficking – that is, the clandestine dumping of thousands of ballots into unsecured drop boxes – were both huge concerns in the 2020 elections. Some states have responded to these concerns by considering legislation that would restrict or prohibit the use of drop boxes but so far without measurable success.

On another issue, Wisconsin has a ballot proposal in November that would prohibit the state and local governments from using private money or equipment in connection with conducting elections. This would prevent tech billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg from influencing election outcomes, something he already attempted to do in Wisconsin in 2020. Besides changing to paper rather than “digital” ballots in the near future, Kentucky will be soon conducting overnight surveillance of ballots and expanding the number of counties audited. Besides, Kentucky, the Heritage Foundation gives Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin and Missouri the highest scores for their efforts at election reform. The lowest scoring states are Utah, New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, Washington, Vermont, Oregon, California, Nevada and Hawaii. This is not inexplicable as all save Utah and Nebraska are located in heavily “blue” areas.

After the voter fraud issue, the most pressing matter is forcing politicians to address the most serious issues facing the nation while getting the voters involved in these issues and weaning them away from mindlessly re-electing parasitical and worthless incumbents. Americans must look past the endless promises about creating jobs, building the economy, reducing taxes, and that most cruel of jokes, “restoring trust” wherein no serious solutions are proposed by our political Pied Pipers. There is never a serious discussion about how to stop our money from losing value daily or ending unimpeded government spending or the destruction of the public education system by turning it into a communist indoctrination vehicle dominated by leftist unions with dwindling emphasis on the 3 R’s and a never ending emphasis on the “r’s” of “systemic racism” as well as raunchy and repellent sex practices! With these “criteria” in place, the US is 24th in the world in academic “excellence!”

Meanwhile, no representative has elected to address the mushrooming crime situation, the drug abuse crisis, the dissolution of the nuclear family due and owing to the very policies these people have put into place, the burgeoning illegal alien problem, and the rigging of elections that exclude serious consideration of third parties or even a true vote count involving the present two parties!  The average voter feels – correctly! – that the important decisions will be made behind closed doors, so the turnout of voters in the United States is lower than that which takes place in many banana republics. Voters – and especially Trump voters (the vast majority of those who cast a vote in 2020!) – realize that all the judicial challenges to the manipulated results to that election have been dismissed for false and illegitimate reasons while ordinary Americans believe that as socialism is inevitable, why bother to fight for reforms?

They see big money poured in by the globalist billionaires determining the outcome of elections as well as the massive cheating and hypocrisy that prevail while despite all the openly stated dissatisfaction, 93% of incumbents are returned to office each year. Furthermore, no matter how many creeps are returned to office – often openly against the stated view of the majority of the “voters,” together with the omnipresent vote fraud, we are told to go out and “exercise our right to vote” happily displaying little stickers that say “I voted” so we can feel good about being suckers yet again.

There is a seemingly simple but effective way to turn things around. Let’s say none of the candidates for a particular election address the issues that concern you or, in the alternative, are otherwise repulsive. A write-in campaign usually won’t help even if that option actually exists! Today with our super-duper technological set-ups, it is normally a very difficult and expensive effort to influence an election outside of the existing list of candidates! Of course, if the candidate favored to win suddenly becomes especially vulnerable and loses your vote, you have no choice but to look further down the ballot to find another choice! Now, let us suppose that a new alternative is offered, that is the concept of, “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”  And let us also suppose that when the votes are tallied, “NONE OF THE ABOVE” gets a majority of votes over any of the candidates listed! Well, of course, that means that “NONE OF THE ABOVE” wins!

Now in turn, that completely nullifies the election results at least in that office! Obviously, it means the office will remain vacant until a special election is held. Of course, such run-offs have happened in the past but using the concept of “NONE OF THE ABOVE,” no candidate presented in the last election was acceptable to the majority of voters and thus, NEW candidates will have to be provided to win the public’s support. Fixing the election process could be that simple as local parties would be forced to provide candidates acceptable to the people and these new candidates would have to address real issues, or face being rejected in turn. In this way, incumbents could not be returned for further consideration meaning that the reign of the power brokers would be broken while special interests could no longer rely on their money to buy elections, or at least it would become far more difficult and awkward for them to do so. In this environment third parties and write-in candidates would receive greater exposure and a greater chance of success.

However, in order to work, “NONE OF THE ABOVE” would have to be binding. It would have to have the power of the law behind it. It would not be just a protest vote but part of the actual electoral process and as such, binding. It would also have to be completely non-partisan and that would mean that there would be less need for massive campaign chests to support such new candidates as “NONE OF THE ABOVE” would produce in that process. Furthermore, the option, once placed on a ballot would remain in any at least state-wide election.

To have this work, activists in every state would have to mount a campaign to demand that “NONE OF THE ABOVE” be given a permanent place on state-wide ballots to start. Obviously, it could require a constitutional amendment should the concept reach the national level and all that that requires. Some states have ballot referendum procedures in place that could be used as vehicles for such an effort. It would be difficult and expensive to do, but because of the popularity of the concept – especially as the lawlessness of our present electoral process continues to be revealed – it would have a chance. It would take only a couple of “NONE OF THE ABOVE” victories to get the momentum going nationally on such an effort.

Actually, the concept of “NONE OF THE ABOVE” has been around for a long time.  Over the years, most states have had legislation introduced supporting the concept. Nevada actually has it on the ballot, but it is non-binding and that won’t do. There never has been a serious national drive to promote the idea, so the concept hasn’t been given a chance with the voters yet. However, with the growing dissatisfaction many voters are feeling and with the quality of candidates getting worse with each election, there has never been a better time to start a national discussion of the issue. This will be a long-term effort, and should be primarily aimed at local, state, and Congressional elections to start. Remember, the real power of the concept comes from the ability to reject candidates all across the board everywhere and not for voters to stay home because what they really want is “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”