Disgraceful! Fox News Orchestrating Anti-Trump Spin in Capitol Protest Reporting

January 8, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patrioticviralnews

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins gets destroyed by a Trump supporter and veteran. Jenkins asked about the violence at the Capitol, saying, “The situation has gotten violent and now it’s getting dangerous in the Capitol. They can’t keep it under control. Is this okay?”

The veteran and Biker for Trump member responded, “No one here is being violent.”

Jenkins answers, “The Capitol was breached and has become…”

The veteran responded, “Whose house is that? That is ‘We the people’s’ house. That is the United States of America’s Capital.”

Jenkins abruptly ended the conversation and moves on.

American conservatives are tired of being told the rule of law must be respected and should apply equally to everyone, but if you call yourself Antifa or BLM then it’s fine to riot in the streets or attack the Portland courthouse or loot a Target like last summer in Minneapolis.


If you make any other suggestion, don’t expect Fox News to cover it. Alongside mainstream networks like CNN and MSNBC, they have a narrative to share. If you don’t fit it, you don’t get attention.

Americans increasingly must find accurate conservative news outside of mainstream media to avoid becoming brainwashed by the left. Only diligent attention to what is really happening will keep patriots from being shut down by biased big media in the days to come.