District of Tyranny

January 4, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



Source: Lew Rockwell


I speak of course of Washington, D.T.  Two friends recently went there on a (mostly) business trip and decided to go to a Washington Wizards/Cleveland Cavaliers NBA game.  To enter the building they had to show their vaccine passports (fortunately, they had fake ones) and wear a mask the entire time.  One of them dropped the mask to take a sip of beer and an armed D.T. cop immediately appeared in front of him and commanded him to put the mask back up.  They stopped at a Target store and got yelled at by a crowd of D.T. slaves for not wearing masks.  At the subway stops there are huge Soviet Union-style signs sponsored by the CDC declaring “Vaccination . . . Liberation.”  Totalitarian tyranny apparently makes D.T. residents feel “liberated” from freedom and the CDC wants them to celebrate that.   Is there anything at all to not hate and despise about Washington, D.T.?