Do You Believe in Balloon (buffoon) Warfare?

August 6, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


Palestinian protesters prepare kites loaded with flammable material to be flown towards Israel, at the Israel-Gaza border in al-Bureij, central Gaza Strip on June 14, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS

Critical Reading Time: last Thursday morning a news release from respected Reuters News Service served up ‘fake news,’  Near news that we are expected to swallow without question. Sadly, we often do!

We are expected to believe that the almost completely unarmed population of almost two million Palestinians, penned, starved, dehydrated and shot in Gaza, are successfully burning up Israel with a war plan armed with kites and “helium” filled decorative balloons. Reuters even shows us pictures of a bomber with a handful of red kids’ balloons tied with a trailing string to what looks like a smoking handkerchief.  And we are supposed to believe this “incendiary device” is an act of war that justifies starving and cutting off water and power to an entire population of almost 2 million humans.

Did anyone you know ever succeed in aiming a balloon or a kite at a target?  And how big a kite would it take to carry one hand grenade, say nothing of an “incendiary device.” Maybe the US could save half a trillion dollars a year by adopting a balloon and kite Air Force. Maybe we could stop buying F-35’s from Lockheed at hundred million dollars each, that we give to Israel (35 in 2018) and hire Palestinian, to train our warriors in kite warfare. Please tell me that YOU do not believe this nonsense!

By legitimizing stories like this, Reuters News and others like it are covering for planned, slow genocide in Gaza through deprivation and disease!  Israel does not use kites and balloons to kill Gazans, it uses F35, tear gas and bullets!

Reuters admits that Israel has shot dead 155 or more Gazans for throwing rocks and getting too close to a fence on the last 60 days.  And maybe worse, the media has conveniently forgotten some 2000 people, mostly youths, were deliberately wounded with high powered bullets during these same weeks, probably many of whom were wounded intentionally to live as cripples!  Where are Reuters’ interviews with the wounded survivors?  Has Reuters visited their hospital wards (if there still is a functional hospital left in Gaza (one was bombed last week).  And assuming there are hospitals, how do they run without power?

I ask you to read this full story, and demand to know from your congressman (who surely wants to be reelected but who may be afraid of Israel’s press power) – – ask him or her why we can’t have the truth about Gaza?  No solid evidence has been presented to prove that Gaza kits have destroyed anything in Israel, its all hearsay!  – editor CEC

From Reuters:  Israel said it was stopping shipments of fuel and gas to the Gaza Strip in response to militants in the enclave launching incendiary balloons that have torched fields in Israel.

The move, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday, was in response to a continuation of cross-border violence, despite assurances from Egypt, which has been trying to broker a truce, that it would end.

“We acceded to Egypt’s request,” Lieberman told reporters. “We allowed in gas and fuel, but there was an additional Egyptian commitment that there would be no more launches, no kites, no conflagrations, no friction along the fence.”

“Since those things are continuing, I decided to stop the supplies of gas and fuel to the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Israel has lost tracts of farmland and forests to fires set by kites and helium balloons laden with incendiary material and flown over from Gaza. Israel had already responded by preventing the entry of non-essential commercial goods to Gaza.

Palestinians in Gaza, an impoverished coastal enclave under the control of Islamist militant group Hamas, suffer up to 18 hours of power cuts per day due to fuel shortages. (Editor CEC notes: Reuters did get this small part right)

Four months of weekly border protests that began on March 30 have calmed slightly, but organizers have said they will continue until Israel lifts economic sanctions on the enclave.

At least 155 Palestinians have been killed in the protests and one Israeli soldier was shot dead by a sniper in Gaza.  

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Israel Halts Fuel Shipments to Gaza Citing Continued Fire Balloon Launches . US News & World Report (8/3/18)