DOJ: Two Men Charged With Assault After Using a ‘Dangerous Weapon’ Against Officer Sicknick

March 19, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | Fox News and Townhall

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Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick was reported by the New York Times to have been bludgeoned to death by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher on January 6, but it was a total fabrication. The false story was the cornerstone of the impeachment charges against Donald Trump and is the excuse for new domestic-terror laws proposed by Democrats. Hours after the protest had already concluded, Sicknick texted his own brother Ken that night he was fine, other than being “pepper sprayed twice.” On January 7, the next day, it was reported that Sicknick died. No autopsy has been released and the cause of death is unknown. Sicknick’s body has been cremated. That means no further forensic analysis can be done to establish the cause or time of Sicknick’s death! The Department of Justice has charged Julian Elie Khater and George Pierre Tanios for the crime after they were observed in video footage working together to spray officers directly in the face and eyes with bear spray. The men are not charged with murder, which suggests the DOJ kows full well that the fire-extinguisher story is false. -GEG


Two men have been charged by the Department of Justice after allegedly using a ‘dangerous weapon’ to assault Capitol Police Officers Brian Sicknick and C. Edwards. Sicknick was on duty when the U.S. Capitol was breached on January 6, 2021. After returning to the police station, he collapsed and later died. His autopsy and details of the cause of death have not been released.

Pennsylvania man Julian Elie Khater and West Virginia man George Pierre Tanios were arrested over the weekend by FBI agents.

“According to the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint, Khater and Tanios were at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and were observed in video footage working together to assault law enforcement officers with an unknown chemical substance by spraying officers directly in the face and eyes.  During the investigation, it is alleged that law enforcement discovered video that depicted Khater asking Tanios to ‘give me that bear s*it.’ Tanios replied, ‘Hold on, hold on, not yet, not yet… it’s still early.’ Khater then retrieved a canister from Tanios’ backpack and walked through the crowd to within a few steps of the police perimeter,” DOJ released Monday. “The video shows Khater with his right arm up high in the air, appearing to be holding a canister in his right hand and aiming it at the officers’ direction while moving his right arm from side to side.  The complaint affidavit states that Officers Sicknick, Edwards, and Chapman, who were all standing within a few feet of Khater, each reacted to being sprayed in the face. The officers retreated, bringing their hands to their faces and rushing to find water to wash out their eyes.”

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