Don’t You Ever Get Tired?

November 1, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

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2021-11-01 09:40:58

by TommyTheMadArtist


Don’t You Ever Get Tired?

So we are headed towards the two year mark where we first heard about “COVID-19”. 2 years ago we heard the first murmurs about a disease so deadly, that it was causing China to run crematoriums 24/7 and bodies laying in the streets. Bodies everywhere, in homes that nobody survived in. A Pandemic so bad, that if it ever got to the United States, it would wipe out 2/3rds of the population almost overnight.

Then in January 2020, out of nowhere, we started to hear that people in the United States, had brought that deadly disease with them from FRANCE. Then when Donald Trump said “No more travel from China” and curtailed a lot of international travel, suddenly Donald Trump was a “racist” and a “Xenophobe”. All the while as the “pandemic” got worse, the cries from the leftist bolsheviks were “Trump did not do enough to stop the pandemic” and by the end of his term some “150k people were murdered” and that he “had blood on his hands”. Somehow this pandemic was all Trump’s Fault.

Then when it came to “Operation Light Speed” no democrat would recommend taking the “vaccine” because it was done under Trump’s watch, and there was not enough testing. Then once Biden was ensconced in the White House after a fraudulent election, now everyone has to take the vaccine. Because this little project was started in Wuhan back in 2014 under Obama, and Fauci with our tax dollars. Anyone who says differently is a liar. This nonsense that our vaunted institutions such as the FBI and CIA can’t get to the bottom of where a disease came from is like saying they can’t stop a terror attack from happening on American Soil. Oh Wait… You see where I am going with this folks?

I wonder what the landscape would look like right now if Trump had not been the victim of fraud, and that we were lining up for his first year in office of his second term?

You see, there would likely have been an exposure of this fraud. There would have been an exposure of the players, the money trail, the lab that created it, and most importantly, who was benefitting from this fraud and it would have been shut down. Instead, what did we get?

Operation Warp Speed. Mandatory vaccinations, and more rules and guidelines because the beta types in this country love their oppression more than they love their rights and freedoms. They want to say “I lived through a pandemic and survived, barely” and “I fought for the rights of others, while oppressing my fellow citizens.”

When the mask mandate thing started, I never bothered with it. I did not give a shit for the simple fact that I had already been sick in 2019 with a cold that was pretty devastating and had more or less surmised that I had been lied to about COVID-19. You see, the disease was in the Continental US back in September of 2019. I know it because I know who I picked it up from. Patient Zero here in Minnesota was a barista whose Greek Husband had been overseas, and back, brought it with him. She had it, her entire store caught it, and countless customers like me probably caught it too since this special needs, short bus type did not have the common sense God gave a goat when it came to washing their hands.

I grew up with two chronic liars for parents who perpetually broke promises and would gas light you if you called them on it so as an adult I have a keen eye for bullshit. So every time I saw that weasel Fauci on the screen changing his story, changing “The Science” I was not interested in playing along. Some of us don’t play along when we are being lied to. Oh sure I caught a ration of hell from a lot of concerned citizens who were terrified they were going to die, and got called a mass murderer more times than I can count by people who have never had a back bone or a force of will to stand up for themselves. I never bothered with the mask and I never got sick because I’d already been sick with something that would later be called “COVID-19”.

It was manufactured by Wuhan, and it was manufactured at the behest of Anthony Fauci along with Barack Obama with our tax dollars. So why would I need to protect myself against a disease my own government manufactured? Oh yes. That’s right. Because a legion of geriatrics want to secure more of a hold on power so they can rule my people old school soviet style.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at what has happened in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and others. Now Klaus Schwab with his Build Back Better Bullshit plan wants the US to emulate the rest of the world.

Do you ever get tired of watching your fellow Americans wear masks and cling to their cowardice? Do you ever get tired of the endless stream of lies and bullshit from the media about an administration that has absolutely no business governing? Where all they do is distract and blame everyone else for the problems that they themselves caused? Ever get tired of your government running your life because they think they know what is best for you while they allow law breaking criminals enter our nation en Masse from our southern border? These people who the laws and mandates do not apply since they will not be forcibly vaccinated?

How do you feel knowing that those very same law breakers are now going to get paid $450,000.00 of your tax dollars apiece for the inconvenience of being separated by ICE, who was doing their job trying to keep our border secure? How do you like the fact that they aren’t doing it for the years they did that during Obama, just the years under Trump, because you know, Orange Man Bad? How do you feel knowing that your government is betraying you every day, and enriching non-citizens at your expense and telling you that you need to cuck up and shut up or else?

I have been wondering what the best course of action is, when living in a completely lawless and fraudulent society. I am thinking that it might be best to stop spending money on things you do not need, no gifts for the holidays, and just stock pile food and bullets, because we are coming to a head here. When you see massive influxes of military aged men flooding into America with very few women and children, it doesn’t look like immigration, it looks like an invasion.

I have written about the words of Fletcher Prouty and what happened before the Korean, and Vietnam Conflicts. Do you wonder where that 85 Billion dollars in military hardware went and why?

The time is getting nearer every day when the button will be pressed and this government is going to go full on Stalin. It’s why Biden isn’t the president, he’s just the figure head for a politburo of traitors governing behind the scenes. I promise you folks, we are going to see much more treason and tyranny as this sham continues, and we will have to eventually draw a line in the sand. If we don’t, then our ancestors would be ashamed of who we have become as a people and their sacrifices will have been for nothing.

Get ready folks, the time is nearly at hand for good men and women to stand up and stand proud against this tyranny.