Dr. Zelenko Warned The Vaccine Is Being Used For Mass Psychosis In His Last Public Appearance

July 6, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanrighttv

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has passed away from a rare cancer at the age of 49 and in one of his last appearances in public, where he took the stage during the “ReAwaken America” tour, held at the Elevate Life Church in Dallas, Texas in December 2021, he said vaccines were designed to keep people in a state of mass psychosis.

“There’s a global mass psychosis, where these depraved animals, what they’ve done is use by the media and created a false narrative that has led us to be living in chronic anxiety and fear and human isolation,” said Zelenko. “If anyone’s studied psychological warfare, you’ll know that those two points – anxiety and human isolation – will cause most people to compensate psychologically and become very vulnerable and gullible and easy to manipulate.”

According to Zelenko, the vaccines were offered up as a “false golden calf … as a false promise” and because people have the need for emotional release, they immediately gravitated towards the shots.

“It’s not intellectual, it’s purely emotional,” said Zelenko. “And if you challenge someone, even the most intellectual people who fall into this trap … you become belligerent, because what you’re really doing is bringing them back into that anxiety state that they so desperately don’t want to be in.”

That explains why, despite evidence that the vax is causing untold amounts of damage to the young and healthy – the vax is still being pushed by those who desperately want to believe that the government has all the answers, despite the evidence the pandemic was caused via Dr. Anthony Fauci’s illegal gain-of function research.