Emergency Declared over Colonial Gas Cyber Attack. Biden’s Policies Have Created Shortages.

May 12, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Colonial Pipeline

A ransomware attack on Friday forced Colonial to shut down a 5,500-mile pipeline carrying over 100 million gallons per day from Texas all the way to New York. The FBI has blamed ‘DarkSide’, a group of criminal hackers the US corporate media have accused of being ‘Russian-speaking.’ The group did not admit to the attack, but issued a statement insisting they were “apolitical” and just out to “make money.” The New York Times falsely reported that there were no long lines at gas stations on the southeast coast, in contradiction to multitudes of video footage showing long lines and gas stations that had run out of fuel. In Atlanta, 20% of the gas stations had no fuel.

Joe Biden’s White House refused to get involved to offer relief, and Anne Neuberger of the Cyber & Emerging Technology, said that Colonial is a “private company” and that the federal government will defer to it to decide whether to pay the ransom. Tucker Carlson pointed out that the Biden administration is “situationally Libertarian” when it benefits them. Biden’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo claimed that cyberattacks like the one that hit the Colonial pipeline last week are “here to stay.” Joe Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office and has paused the leasing of federal lands for oil and gas development. Americans are paying over $45 billion more for gasoline when compared to last year due to his policy decisions. This is the Green New Deal. Tucker Carlson said that bad federal policies are intentionally distorting the price of everything in this country.

Motorists and even airlines struggled to find fuel across the southeastern US due to the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, but the Biden administration denied there was a “shortage” and blamed “hoarders” for the “supply crunch.”

Virginia and Florida declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, following North Carolina’s declaration the day before, as the disruption in pipeline operations led to over 1,000 gas stations across a dozen states running out of fuel, according to S&P’s Oil Price Information Service.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 27% of stations in North Carolina’s Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson metro area were dry, according to GasBuddy, an app helping motorists find deals at the pump. So were 31% of pumps in Raleigh and 29% in Charlotte. Atlanta, Georgia reported a 30% outage as well. GasBuddy crashed repeatedly on Tuesday due to surging demand.

One would not know this from New York Times’ reporting, however. The newspaper claimed that since the pipeline’s shutdown due to a ransomware attack, “there have been no long lines or major price hikes for gas.”

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