Extremist Colin Kaepernick Calls For END To Policing And Prisons

October 10, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: thelibertyrevolution.com

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Radical left-wing activist and former quarterback Colin Kaepernick published an essay on Tuesday in which he dreamed of a time when the “terror” of prisons and policing came to an end. It marked the beginning of his new series of “Kaepernick Publishing” essays, in which he talks about his personal opinions and journey since he first began kneeling during the national anthem back in 2017.

In the first piece, Kaepernick described how he would now like to see a full “abolition” of the prisons and police.

Not reform. Not defunding. A total abolition.

In the first essay, a section marked by the subheading “F*ck Reform” described how his opinions were “fastened to a reformist framework” and that he initially “missed the larger picture” when he believed that even big changes to policing would work. Now, he says, that even those huge changes he initially proposed wouldn’t be good enough and would, in his opinion, produce the same kind of problems he already believes exist in law enforcement.

In the piece, Kaepernick used anti-police rhetoric and language to paint a picture of black people being unfairly targeted by police officers and murdered.

“At the time, my protest was tethered to my understanding that something was not right. I saw the bodies of Black people left dead in the streets. I saw them left dead in their cars. I saw them left dead in their backyards,” he claimed. “I saw Black death all around me at the hands of the police. I saw little to no accountability for police officers who had murdered them. It is not a matter of bad apples spoiling the bunch but interlocking systems that are rotten to their core.”