Facebook ADMITS Elites Don’t Have To Follow The Rules

December 22, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  americanrighttv


Mark Zuckerberg publicly admitted that the company has a system that exempts high profile users from some or all of its rules. That’s the word from the latest clip from “The Michael Knowles Show.”

This is no joke! Zuckerberg said what people have been thinking all along. Celebrities on Facebook don’t get blocked, censored, deleted or harassed, unless they happen to be conservatives.

Why not? The rules don’t apply to them. We’ve noticed this in offline life, but Facebook plays this game too. Celebrity accounts are protected from the rules we “normal” people follow. It seems like we’re not that special after all.

But, wait, isn’t that discrimination? Well yes, but Facebook doesn’t define it that way. Remember, they’re the good guys who allegedly block discrimination and extremism.

Isn’t that inconsistent? Yes, that too, but don’t confuse Zuckerberg with logic. He’s a CEO trying to make money, not a free speech advocate who truly cares about protecting your rights.

But now the Wall Street Journal has called Zuckerberg out. What will that mean? Will they get blocked or censored? Probably not. Because they’re part of the Facebook good guys. Okay, not sure about that one, but they seem to be on the same side most of the time.

Instead, Facebook may make a statement about an update or two, but don’t expect to see Trump back on the platform anytime soon. Check it out for more from Knowles now.

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