FACTS: Experimental COVID Injections and SADS

September 19, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy

September 19, 2022

How many tens of millions of words have been written about SARS-CoV-2 commonly known as COVID-19?  Well, likely tens of thousands by so-called “fact checkers” since roughly April 2020 who have no shame about the lies they repeat on a daily basis regarding COVID-19 and those experimental gene-editing technology injections which legally are not vaccines.

Which is why I refer to them both here in the US and other countries as the prostitute media.  Like whores who walk the streets plying their trade, these so-called “fact checkers” are responsible for outright lying to the American people and keeping the truth from them for money.  Ruining the reputations of doctors and scientists around the world who were/are desperately trying to warn people about those mRNA injections.

Who Fact Checks the Fact Checkers? A Report on Media Censorship  // Facebook admits the truth: ‘Fact checks’ are really just (lefty) opinion

Back story regarding the use of the word vaccine because it’s critically important.  Can You Sue Employer: Mandatory COVID-19 Injections Death or Injury? (Mine, Dec. 6, 2021):

“Pfizer BioNTech filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Dec. 31, 2019.  See document here, pg 14 – 15:

“To our knowledge, there is no current precedent for an mRNA-based immunotherapy such as the type we are developing being approved for sale by the FDA, European Commission or any other regulatory agency elsewhere in the world. Although we expect to submit BLAs for our mRNA-based product candidates in the United States, and in the European Union, mRNA therapies have been classified as gene therapy medicinal products, other jurisdictions may consider our mRNA-based product candidates to be new drugs, not biologics or gene therapy medicinal products, and require different marketing applications.

“Any product candidates we develop may not be effective, may be only moderately effective, or may prove to have undesirable or unintended side effects, toxicities or other characteristics that may preclude our obtaining marketing approval or prevent or limit commercial use.”

Pg 16:  “Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA…Our product candidates may not work as intended, may cause undesirable side effects or may have other properties that could delay or prevent their regulatory approval, limit the commercial profile of an approved label, or result in significant negative consequences following marketing approval, if any.”

“Vaccines normally take 10-15 years before getting approval for mass distribution.  The first injections were rolled out in hospitals on Dec. 14, 2020.  That SEC filing was last day of 2019 before production began. Clinical trials are scheduled through 2023, so yes, humans on this planet are being used as test subjects.

How about Moderna and their SEC filing, June 30, 2020?  “Regulatory requirements governing gene and cell therapy products have evolved and may continue to change in the future, and the implications for mRNA-based therapies are unknown…Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.”

“Click on Table of Contents and go down to page 64; “Our pursuit of mRNA-1273, a potential vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, continues to be subject to completion of the required clinical trials and regulatory approval in the United States and elsewhere. We may be unable to produce a vaccine that successfully treats the virus in a timely manner, if at allCurrently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.

On Moderna’s web site under EUA  it says, “The Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID‑19) for use in individuals 18 years of age and older. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID‑19.”

What Is Gene Therapy? How Does It Work? – “Recognizing this, scientists have been working for decades on ways to modify genes or replace faulty genes with healthy ones to treat, cure or prevent a disease or medical condition.”  End I did that column 10 months ago and look at the carnage – all those scientists and doctors, tragically have been right.

Moderna’s top scientist: ‘We are actually hacking the software of life’

Video interview with Dr. David Martin:  Key: Learn Why the 1986 Vaccine Protection Act Does Not Protect Covid-19 Injections (33:40) I watched that interview twice and highly recommend you find the time to watch it.

Prof. Dolores Cahill started warning back in January 2021:  Do not take those injections.  Prof. Cahill, prior to sounding the alarm, was one of the most highly respected Immunologist/Molecular Biologists in Ireland and other countries.  She was fired from her job.  Decades of experience and her life has been hell for the past two years.  Video (must watch, 12:37):  Professor Dolores Cahill Explains Why mRNA Vaccine is Bad for You, Jan. 11, 2021

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, also a doctor with decades of experience has also been working tirelessly educating everyone about the science behind those experimental injections, from my Dec. 13, 2021 column quoting Dr. Tenpenny:  “It takes at least 6 weeks from the time you get your injection for the spike antibody to start to develop.  So, somewhere between 3 months and quite frankly 20 years.  The immunologist I spoke to said that over the next 10 years we are going to see this go on in perpetuity, because it can take anywhere from 2 years to 19 years to get full blown auto-immune disease.  I think we will see massive injuries and a lot more deaths starting somewhere between 4 and 18 months from now.   This Vaccine will permanently alter your immune system.

“When you get this spike antibody in your system it will permanently and irreversibly change your immune system.  The messenger RNA is the spike protein to develop an antibody against that spike protein.  It means next time you come in contact with a virus the antibody should block you from getting sick.

“However, not only does it not stop you from getting sick, the antibody itself is going to turn on your body and create havoc and massive auto-immune disease. It attacks your organs by molecular mimicry.  It is a genetic modification technology.”  This is an interview, August 28, 2022, with attorney Tom Lenz who discusses the above:  New Bombshells, Justice is Coming as they Panic w/ Tom Renz

Scientists conclude COVID Vaccines reprogram the Immune System causing Lymphocytes to attack Vital Organs, August 24, 2022

Since shortly after the roll-out of those experimental injections (we must stop calling them vaccines), people started dying and suffering from horrible injuries.  I’ve covered the verified numbers for what seems a lifetime ago.  Americans who want the truth have been watching videos on alternate video web sites (since You Tube censors all these doctors and scientists world-wide) have been getting the truth out there which is why there’s been such a massive resistance.

So many lawsuits filed by Americans to keep from losing their job and their life.  My dear friend, Larry Becraft, a constitutional attorney – that lawsuit he’s lead counsel on was filed in June 2021 and still hasn’t gone to trial.  A different one:  EXCLUSIVE: Pfizer Vaccine Whistleblower Responds to Motion to Dismiss False Claims Suit, August 25, 2022.

Killing off our workforce

The number of deaths is staggering.  When a vaccine is given approval by the Federal Death Administration (FDA) and a dozen people die, it’s pulled from the market or the manufacturer is given a warning.  Not for these COVID-19 experimental injections.  People should ask themselves why?  I can answer that:  Politics – as in governors, mayors, city, county and state health officials pushing them on everyone.  What are they going to say now – especially during an election year?

We keep hearing there’s not enough workers or people don’t want to work.  Millions of unfilled jobs so let’s employ illegal aliens in violation of federal immigration laws.  They can’t work because they’ve either died or are now being cut down with heart problems, blood clot problems, developing cancer and the list goes on.  Fifth Largest Life Insurance Company in US Paid Out 163% More for Deaths of Working People ages 18-64 in 2021 After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, June 17, 2022

With the number of sick and dying who is going to drive those trucks that deliver what we need to stores?  We’re already short about 80,000 truck drivers.  Electricians, plumbers, butchers, farmers, ranchers, hair dresser, barber, computer jobs of all kinds, airline pilots, our military.  What happens when they’re all too sick to work or have died?  I believe COVID was engineered to be endemic so it will go on year after year and people will continue taking those experimental injections – unless it’s stopped by a massive NO by the world.

How about the huge teacher shortage?  Yes, many refused to take the injections just like doctors and nurses who then quit their jobs.  But, when enough of them die or become too sick to work in job sectors of every stripe, what’s going to happen then?  Estimates are roughly 3.7 BILLION people on this planet have been given those injections.  Think about that.  I have.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on the robot industry.  If you’re going to depopulate a huge number of humans, you still need some way for businesses to operate – with the exception of heart surgery (altho’ robotics is already in use for some functions), dentists or lawyers.  Now even receptionists are being replaced with robots!  You get the idea.  May sound far-fetched until one thinks about the long game and believe me, in between praying a lot, I have.

Now, robotics can be a marvelous thing for things like prosthetics, but my money goes on replacing humans in as many job sectors as possible.  This is an interesting ad:  Invest In The Robots Bringing Manufacturing Back To The United States:  “The United States once dominated global manufacturing. But according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, US manufacturing’s share of GDP has shrunk more than 50% in just the last 50 years.”  The mass sucking sound started with NAFTA then GATT/WTO and all these other “free” trade treaties.  “Free” trade killed our manufacturing, industrial and agriculture sectors which made America the wealthiest industrial nation in the world.  Once robots replace humans, where will they go for work?

Major U.S. airport deploys giant robots to catch unmasked travelers:  “In Houston, at the George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport and William P. Hobby Airport, there were six robots roaming around to disinfect areas, Dallas Culture Map reported.  The Houston Airport System spent close to $1 million for those six robots to go around cleaning surfaces like tables, chairs, doorknobs and keyboards.”  Jobs formerly held by humans.

I’ve seen estimates of 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide will be lost to robots by 2030.  Hey – it’s great to cut down on the cost of production but what about those workers now out of a job?  What do they use for money to buy products?  How many jobs do robots really replace?

Down below are links – a tiny number as I save them, more than 400 items – because this is absolutely a conspiracy (Cornell Law: Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act, along with an intent to achieve the agreement’s goal.)  The numbers don’t lie.  There are more whistleblowers than you know and they have the evidence.  As I written before, I firmly believe millions of Americans are afraid of the truth because if they believe the science and some of the best scientists and doctors on this planet, fear takes over.  They’ve taken the injections and do not want to even think about what that technology is doing to their body.  Yes, it is frightening.  I do pray for everyone.

I’ve asked this question since early 2021 after people started dying in large numbers:  When will enough dead be enough?  How about all those whose lives now destroyed from those injections (C19 Vac Reactions) – how many is it going to take before cities, counties and governors ban those injections?  Of course, the “fact checkers”, politicians, doctors, health officials will all say the deaths and injured have nothing to with those experimental injections.  BULL.

Every time I do a column on this it just sickens me to my very soul.  Of course, the “fact checkers”, politicians up for reelection and scared to death people who’ve been jabbed will continue to bellow about conspiracy theories.  The “vaccines” have nothing to do with the massive number of deaths and injuries.  BULL.  What’s going on is unprecedented.

I wonder if life insurance and health insurance companies might start going bankrupt or refuse to pay out as the numbers continue to climb?  COVID-19 Vaccines and Informed Consent, August 25, 2022:  “The Society of Actuaries collected and analyzed claims data from twenty life insurance companies that provide group term coverage in the United States, representing roughly 90% of the employer-based group term life insurance industry. All-cause mortality data for the pandemic period (April 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021) was compared to all cause mortality data for the baseline period (2017 through 2019).

“The analysis reveals a dramatic spike in deaths from all causes during the third quarter of 2021 (July 1 through September 30). During that quarter, excess mortality for all policyholders was more than 30% above baseline. The spike in deaths was even more dramatic for working-age people. Excess mortality for people ages 25 to 34 was 81% above baseline, excess mortality for people ages 35 to 44 was 117% above baseline, excess mortality for people ages 45 to 54 was 108% above baseline, and excess mortality for people ages 55 to 64 was 70% above baseline. The dramatic increase in deaths from all causes during the third quarter of 2021, particularly among working age people, undermines the claim that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective…Continued in the PDF link below.”

 Here It Comes, Sept. 9, 2022:  “Another thing we know (this one for certain): a new leading cause of death throughout Western Civ in people under 60 is “Cause Unknown.” At least that’s the official designation because the officials running public health and the medical establishment don’t want to know what’s killing people. Or, more precisely, they don’t want you to know, so they pretend not to know.

“If they suddenly felt the itch of curiosity, they might discover that the mRNA shots were behind the spread of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) — the interchangeable and equally ambiguous tag for this mystifying phenomenon.”

The links below are either articles or videos and not in any particular order.  Just remember:  According to the Center for Disease Creation (CDC), the NIH (National Institute of Hell),  health officials, the prostitute media, politicians – those “vaccines” are safe and shame on you for not getting one.  I guess that’s why Congress and their staffs have been exempted from getting them.  CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring, Sept. 13, 2022:  “Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the agency’s director, said in a letter made public on Sept. 12 that the CDC did not analyze certain types of adverse event reports at all in 2021, despite the agency previously saying it started in February 2021.”

SADS or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome isn’t just adults.   I could list another 50 pages.

High Schooler Has Six Feet Of Blood Clots Removed From Legs  //  16-Year-Old High School Football Player Collapses and Dies After Suffering Medical Emergency During Practice, Sept. 9, 2022 //  61,000 Millennials Aged 25 to 44 Died in 2021 After COVID Vaccine Mandates – 84% Increase in Mortality Rate, Sept. 9, 2022  //  8-Year-Old Boy Dies of Sudden Cardiac Arrest //  Seven Dead Doctors in 14 Days Don’t Lie. The Covid Vaccine is a Killer, August 17, 2022  //  LOOK:  SADS: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” Explodes as Young and Healthy Adults Die Following COVID Vaccine Mandates, Sept. 6, 2022  //  17-Year-Old High School Football Player Dies in His Sleep, Sept. 11, 2022 // Following the Science? – 159 Children dead, 1.2k disabled, 14.5k hospitalised & 55k injured due to COVID Vaccination in the USA according to CDC, Sept. 5, 2022

UFC Fighter & Harlequin Romance Cover Model Killed by Vax Induced Cancer (video) – whole set of videos of victims from Hollywood to politicians who pushed those experimental injections.  One is a doctor in shock by the increase in melanoma cancer YTY. // England Study Confirms 100 Myocarditis Deaths After COVID Shots – “In the largest study to date on myocarditis deaths related to COVID-19 vaccination, researchers found that 100 people in England died of myocarditis soon after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.”  Sept. 15, 2022 //  Medicine Regulators admitted in October 2020 that they knew the COVID Vaccines would cause Heart Damage, Blood Clots, harm to Children & Death, August 27, 2022 // Breaking!!! Covid vaccine claims overwhelm Courts, June 14, 2022, video

American Heart Association Journal: Thrombosis, Cardiomyopathy, and Other Vascular Events Following Vaccination, Nov. 24, 2021:  “The journal Circulation is a well-respected publication. It’s 71-years-old, its articles are peer reviewed and in one survey it was rated the world’s no 1 journal in the cardiac and cardiovascular system category.

“I’m going to quote the final sentence of the abstract which appears at the beginning of the article. This is all I, you – or anyone else – needs to know.  “‘We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination.’

“That’s it. That’s the death bell for the covid-19 mRNA jabs.  The endothelium is a layer of cells lining blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. T cells are a type of white cell.  We always knew these jabs were experimental. My video in December 2020, just under a year ago, warned about these specific risks. I read out a list of possible adverse events published officially by the American Government.  But now we have the proof of the link.  The mRNA jab is, remember, known not to stop people catching covid.  And it is known not to stop people spreading it. I don’t believe anyone disputes these facts.”

9-Year-Old With No Pre-existing Conditions Died 2 Weeks After Pfizer Shot, Latest VAERS Data Show, July 29, 2022 – “VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,357,940 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 29,790 deaths and 247,686 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 22, 2022.”  VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) is only about 1% data reported.  Do the math.  600% More Deaths Reported In Last 19 Months Than In Entire 32 Year History of VAERS Database, August 8, 2022

1,249 Athlete Heart Attacks, 847 Dead, Since Last Year, Sept. 9, 2022 //  30-Year-Old Rugby Player Dies Suddenly – Leaving Family and Friends “Completely Shocked”, August 23, 2022  //  37-Year-Old Pro Scottish Mountain Biker Dies in His Sleep Two Days After Winning Bike Championship, August 24, 2022  //  Breaking!!! Covid vaccine claims overwhelm Courts

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice but if I had taken those injections (which isn’t going to happen), I would ask my doctor to order a D-Dimmer test.  Quoting from my column, July 26, 2021

Dr. Charles Hoffe Reveals Blood Clots in Majority of Vaccinated Patients and Speaks of “Permanently-Damaged Hearts”, July 21, 2021 – “This Vaccine is Quite Clearly More Dangerous Than COVID-19” – “Dr. Hoffe sent an open letter shortly after in April 2021 to the Provincial Health Officer in BC enumerating all his concerns and questions, something he describes on the Laura Lynn and Friends show (video linked below). In his letter he mentions the ruination of lives of patients now reporting chronic pain, neuromuscular weakness, serious neurological problems, and questions the continuing of the vaccine, when “this vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than Covid-19…8. So my last question is this: Is it medically ethical to continue this vaccine rollout, in view of the severity of these life altering side-effects, after just the first shot? In Lytton, BC, we have an incidence of 1 in 225 of severe life altering side-effects, from this experimental gene modification therapy.”

“Dr. Charles Hoffe has found 62% of his patients experienced elevated D-dimer levels after the vaccine.  He’s administered over 900 doses. Dr. Hoffe did his own research to try and find out why his patients were exhibiting micro-blood clotting after getting one of those injections.  This is a must watch short videoThis is a very frightening prediction:  Those who took the injection likely will die within three years.”

Dr. Hoffe went public not naming any patient.  The jack-booted medical thugs in Canada under maniac dictator Justin Trudeau have gone after that courageous man big time.  The modern day Stasi are ruling California:  California Lawmakers Pass Bill to Punish Dissenting Doctors for ‘Misinformation’

Sustained, As-Yet Unheard of Excess Mortality Trend Strikes Switzerland, Sept.10, 2022  //  Is it the shot? Deaths soaring in area with 95% COVID-vaccination rate, Sept. 11, 2022  //  Major nation bans COVID vaccine for children under 12, Sept. 7, 2022:  “In May, despite Pfizer trial data showing the chance of death in children from the shot is 107 times higher than death from COVID-19, the FDA approved Pfizer booster shots for children 5-11.”

UK Government Admits Covid Vaccinated Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die of Any Cause & 13,633% More Likely to Die of Covid-19 Than Unvaccinated Children, Sept. 12, 2022 //  The British Government Has Begun Paying $140,000 for COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Victims, August 26, 2022 //  Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people //  Landmark First Peer-Reviewed Study on Pfizer and Moderna Covid Vaccines Confirms ‘Excess Risk’ of Adverse Side Effects, Sept. 2, 2o22

Embalmer Sounds Alarm: Massive Increase in Strange Blood Clots and Cancer, ‘It’s not Normal, It’s Drastic’ (Exclusive Interview), Sept. 16, 2022 READ

Over Half of Babies, Toddlers Suffered ‘Systemic Reaction’ after COVID Shot, Sept. 4, 2022  // UK Gov. confirms 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated, August 27, 2022:  “Official figures published by the UK Government reveal the fully/triple vaccinated population have accounted for over 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past year, 91% of all Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of 2022, and 94% of all Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of April 2022.”

Medicine Regulators admitted in October 2020 that they knew the COVID Vaccines would cause Heart Damage, Blood Clots, harm to Children & Death, August 27, 2022  //  Trail of death: Latest actuarial data connects excess deaths to covid vaccine mandates, August 26, 2022  //  Just Remember how many colleges and universities in this country have demanded students get those injections or they’re kicked out.  All these healthy young people dying or injured is no damn coincidence.  She was only 21:  Northern Iowa Swimmer Passes Away, Cause of Death Not Released, July 30, 2022

‘Toxicity’: U.K. stops recommending COVID vax for pregnant women – Government cannot demonstrate that the shots are safe,  August 30, 2022  //  Outrageous:  Unvaxxed Coast Guard cadets ‘escorted out like criminals’ & 3 have nowhere to go; booted by Academy, Sept. 1, 2022  //  COVID Vaccine Propaganda Busted – High Deaths and Cancers, August 12, 2022  //  US Government Data Confirms a 143,233% Increase in Cancer Cases Due to COVID Shots, August 25, 2022  //  10,000% Increase in Cancers Following COVID-19 Vaccines as Doctors and Scientists Worldwide Sound the Alarm, August 2, 2022  //  Biden Claims mRNA ‘Gene Therapy’ Vaccines Will ‘Prevent Cancers’ In Bizarre Live Speech (It’s called propaganda.)

Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity, NEJM Study Shows, Sept. 12, 2022 (Which is why the person develops autoimmune diseases.  80 of them for which there are no cures.  Crimes against humanity.  A very important read.)  //  (Uh, oh) WATCH: EU MPs are fed up! – Big Pharma under cross-examination!  //  Silenced healthcare workers speak out publicly for the first time, August 26, 2022 //  Must Watch Steve Kirsch Analysis: the Covid Hoax is Collapsing – If you’re unfamiliar with Steve Kirsch, he has more money that we’ll ever see in ten lifetimes.  Bio:  “Steve Kirsch is a retired high tech serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. See stevekirsch.substack.com for his Substack. Steve has started seven companies with a combined market cap of over $2 billion: Mouse Systems, Frame Technology, Infoseek, Propel, Abaca, OneID, Token, and M10. He received a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 1980.”

Covid vaccines have killed at least three-quarters of a million people in the United States so far, and the body count keeps growing, June 29, 2022:  “When will America finally reach the point of saying enough?”  //  CDC now says covid jabs causing myocarditis isn’t “misinformation” after all, after YEARS of Big Tech censorship for those who said it first, Sept. 14, 2022  //  “Ethically Unjustifiable” – Scientists from Harvard & Johns Hopkins Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus, Sept. 12, 2022  //  Mystery Clots Appear in 50–70 Percent of Deceased: Funeral Director, Sept. 6, 2022  //  VIDEO: Megi Bakradze- the First Nurse to Receive AstraZeneca Vaccine in 2021 — DIED 24 Hours Later //

Will those responsible for this massive crime against humanity – SARS-CoV-2 and those injections ever be held accountable?  Will the truth finally be revealed?   Yes, and soon which is all I can say for now.