Fauci’s Poll Numbers: Bad for Him, Good for Us

January 25, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

By:  Tom Woods
January 25, 2022


From the Tom Woods Letter:

These days it seems as if everywhere I turn, a new person is saying the whole thing is stupid and I’m not doing it anymore.

This time it’s an editorial writer for USA Today.

Headline: “I am done with masks. We’ve been idiotic about them since the beginning.”

He begins with this: “Who knew that little pieces of plastic or cloth worn over the nose and mouth could turn people into complete idiots?”

In response to Dr. Leana Wen’s recent observation that cloth masks are nothing more than “facial decoration,” he responds, “Well, I feel like an idiot for all the times I donned a facial decoration and forced my kids to do the same.”

He dismisses the drive for N95 masks as unreasonable, and concludes: “As for me, I’ve had it with masks. I feel like a fool, and I am not going to play any more.”

Then, too, Bari Weiss, formerly of the New York Times opinion section, made waves on Bill Maher’s program recently when she declared herself “done with COVID,” and swatted down the standard arguments with data.

The only thing missing was: I’m sorry for going along with it all this time and demonizing people who said then what I’m saying now.

The whole “we now have new information” thing from Weiss and others is disingenuous. We knew very early on that the crazies were wrong and that nothing they recommended did any good. A simple “stay home when you’re sick” would have been better than their entire mitigation program.

Having said that, I by no means decline Bari Weiss’s membership in Team Reality, and I’m happy to see our ranks continue to grow.

Before I reveal the happiest of the three items I have to report to you today, in terms of the evolution of opinion, I want to make sure you know a term.

Surely you know “red pill” and “blue pill,” from The Matrix. You and I are red pilled. We understand the nature of the regime that rules over us. We don’t accept the establishment version of events.

The blue pilled are those who even now still think the public health establishment just has the best interests of Americans at heart and should be trusted to do sensible things.

A white pill, meanwhile, is a source of optimism for us.

And now for a white pill:

A recent NBC News poll — so not exactly biased in our favor — finds more Americans distrust Fauci than trust him.

The question was, “In general, do you trust Dr. Fauci has said about the coronavirus or not?” The results were 43% no, and 40% yes.

Compare those results to 60% yes and 8% no in April 2020.

Meanwhile, Ireland just announced it’s dropping most COVID restrictions, and England (not the UK as I mistakenly said the other day) is dropping its mask mandate and vaccine passport system.

Austria keeps putting off its mandatory vaccination program, and there are murmurs in England about pushing the vaccine mandates for NHS workers back six months.

We’re almost there.

With next to no high-profile support, and with every major opinion-molding institution against us, we’ve begun to turn the tide.

What you and I say and do is not in vain.

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