November 22, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: TRU News

A Whistleblower Recently Came Forward To Share Information On The Bidens But Was Hesitant Because The FBI Protected The Criminal Gang.

This whistleblower was involved with Hunter Biden in joint ventures that conducted energy deals, invested in tech companies, and launched online gambling platforms with an offshoot called Ocho Global. The source was shocked to hear then-VP Biden and then-Senate majority leader Harry Reid on a conference call discussing licenses needed to roll out Ocho Global in Latin America.

Joe was eager to know how much and when the business would pay out, and Harry wanted to ensure that the Peruvian government was taken care of. According to the whistleblower, Biden asked about all the operation details. Was this alleged online gaming platform a way for the Biden mafia to launder money?

The whistleblower hesitated to come forward years ago. They were aware of the corruption within the FBI because they said the FBI seems to operate as Biden’s personal security service. The source has that right. The FBI’s role is to suppress and cover up anything related to Hunter’s business deals, the president’s involvement with those deals, and to go after anyone against Biden’s agenda. The FBI is at the disposal of the Biden mafia.

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Source: TruNews