Flying High in Gaza

August 6, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


Under a blockade and siege since 2007, children in Gaza don’t have many fun things to do. One very popular activity is kite flying. In 2011, over 13,000 kites were flown in Gaza to break a Guiness World Record. This one minute report by ABC, tells the poignant story. During the recent “The Great March of Return” protests in Gaza, starting in March, about 150 people have been killed and over 2000 people have been wounded by Israeli snipers. To fight back, some Palestinian protesters in Gaza decided to try out “armed” kites and helium-filled balloons as weapons that have ignited some Israeli farmlands (see here & here). After all, Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison and some of the inmates aren’t too happy about the ongoing Israeli economic blockade that is slowly strangling Gaza to where it will be unlivable by 2020 (see here).