Former Epstein Contractor Goes Public with Claims of Unsupervised Underage Girls on Island

July 20, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Every accused individual in the American court system — save, of course, enemy combatants — deserves their day in court.

You get the feeling that for disgraced financier (or something) Jeffrey Epstein, that’s just going to make things worse.

It’s not as if we haven’t gotten enough glimpses into the debauched lifestyle that Epstein allegedly led, and we’re not just talking the allegations levied against him. Apparently, pretty much every piece of evidence collected about the man indicates he was an incorrigible rogue who didn’t so much need to be kept away from women and young girls as to be quarantined from the rest of the human race.

The latest allegations come from an IT contractor who Epstein hired for his private island down in the Caribbean, off the coast of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Little St. James — or Little St. Jeff’s, as Epstein reportedly wanted to call it — was a strange place nicknamed “Pedophile Island” and “our dark corner” by locals.

All right, you may say, but these people knew about Epstein’s extensive history. Surely Little St. James wasn’t as dissolute as it was claimed?

Well, we have no idea what went on there in terms of alleged illegal activity. However, the contractor says the island was already creepy enough on its own that it raised serious questions about Epstein — and ultimate caused him to quit.

According to ABC News, the contractor ended his relationship with Epstein over what was described as “gaggles of apparently unsupervised young women on the embattled financier’s private island.”

ABC reported that Steve Scully also said “his reluctance to continue working there was underscored by what he said was an extensive collection of photos of topless women displayed throughout the island’s compounds.”