Former NFL Player Urges Americans to ‘Fight for a Culture of Life’ Against Biden’s Abortion Extremism

February 1, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

source:  westernjournal

By Mary Margaret Olohan
Published January 26, 2021 at 7:47pm

Former NFL player Benjamin Watson suggested during an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation that focusing on protecting life at all stages can unify Americans in this divisive day and age.

Watson sits on the board of the Human Coalition, a pro-life organization that not only encourages mothers to carry their babies to term but also provides them with job opportunities, education, financial assistance and other necessities.

Watson, who played for several NFL teams over a 15-year career, told the DCNF that about one million unborn children are aborted every year “no matter who has been in office.”

“So while the onus is on the top, we want legislation that protects life, we want legislation that honors the sanctity of human life,” he said.

Pro-life organizations are often accused of being only “pro-birth,” or only caring for the mother until the baby is born, Watson said, urging Americans to stand “in the gap for women who are in crisis” through groups like the Human Coalition.

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“Were in a very, very divisive time,” he said. “One thing we’ve learned I think, or one thing I’ve learned through this pandemic is that life is precious, and you are not in control of it.”

“The idea that we are united through life, something that we have no control over, should encourage everyone to do everything we can to protect the gift and dignity of human life,” he continued, “no matter where that life came from, no matter what that life looks like, no matter if it’s rich or poor, black, white, no matter what that may be, we need to be people that advocate for life.”

“Then this will be what unites us,” he said.

President Joe Biden on Thursday revoked the so-called Mexico City policy, which prevented federal funds from going to abortions abroad, and has vowed to codify Roe v. Wade and repeal the Hyde Amendment.

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Watson said he’s not surprised by Biden’s actions.

“Now it’s imperative upon us to continue to combat that and fight for a culture of life in the ways we can, while still pushing him, taking him to task, and telling him voters do not want this,” Watson said.

“The majority of people in the United States do not want the things that are being done. We need to let those voices be heard. We can do that by contacting our congressmen and women, and also by pushing the president to rethink some of the things he’s said he’s going to do.”