Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistle On 5G Corona Virus Agenda

February 7, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff





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By Anonymous

I was the head of the largest business unit at Vodafone. Their headquarters in Newberry between 2013 through 2015. Um, I was privy to a number of the new tech technologies that were coming down the pipe that was going to be implemented, naming-ly the internet of things, and secondly, the 5g technology.

I knew a long time ago that 5g was dangerous, but I didn’t understand the correlation with the Corona virus, which I am now doing. And I want to be able to explain that to you. So what is happening, um, is a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G, which is the fifth generation internet. Um, radio spectrum frequencies that enable mobile phones, smart phones, and all devices to function on a much faster processing ability and with the introduction of AI and artificial intelligence and the internet of things, where all devices will be connected.

So whether it’s your car, whether it’s your phone, whether it’s your fridge refrigerator, whether it’s your electricity in your house, it’s all going to be on a smart grid, effectively a type of matrix, unfortunately, sorry to use that term. So what is happening is that this technology has to be rolled out globally.

My companies I used to work for, and as they’re running their largest worldwide business unit, um, is Vodafone, Vodafone, or in partnership with. Who way or highway, whatever you call them, the Chinese telecoms company. And they have been rolling out systematic 5g implementation in multiple locations. What’s the relevance, the frequency that they’re using.

And I also ran a telecoms company back in 2010 through to 20 13, 14. Some of you will be aware that specialized in radio spectrum that we, this is ability to take external signals. From satellites into buildings. Um, and so that the frequency that you experienced in power on your phone is the same in the building, as it is outside of the building.

When mobile networks were created, initially, they thought people will be on the road all the time. Hence why they were called mobile phones. But actually what happened is people use their mobile phones in buildings and the signal wasn’t strong enough dependent for 10 penetrate buildings. That’s called radio spectrum.

And there. Um, megahertz frequencies, et cetera. So the 5g frequency is a very high frequency, very, very, very high frequency. It is just below the classification of a weapon. Uh, and I’ll tell you. The frequency that they’re using, which is 10 times faster than 4g. Unfortunately, when it comes into connection with human bodies causes cell poisoning, cell poisoning.

So our body’s trying to fight the radiation that is in the form of cell poisoning because of this frequency. It is effectively radiation. And what happens is our body. Uh, kick out the toxicity or toxins with some protein proteins and some DNA RNA from ourselves in the form of a chemical, which is called a virus.

And most diseases are excretions from cells that we are trying to. Pull out of our body or push out of our body and it will head towards orifices to be excreted or expunge out of our body. So I knows this or a mouse. You can understand the picture I’m painting. So what’s happening, sorry for the detail.

But this is going to take a bit of time. What is happening is. Um, five G the frequency and the power, which is 10 times more powerful than 4g is reacting aversely with human selves causing cells in our bodies to be poisoned toxic. And our natural defense mechanism is pushing out that toxicity in the form of a virus.

So, what you’re seeing is not Corona virus, per se. You’re seeing cell poisoning manifesting with fluids, chemicals, viruses that the body is trying to, um, dispose of because it’s harmful to its physical body. So all that’s occurring around the world and I hear your minds thinking, well, how can that be possible?

But I’ll explain in the moment. All this recur, all that’s occurring in the world is a reaction to human bodies, too. The electrification of the universe through 5g satellites, 5g towers, 5g cells that are being populated in major cities around the world. So this is what is causing this pandemic. So sorry to say second point.

This is the largest global. Coverup in history for the impact on human beings, based on technological advancements. I hope that makes sense. I don’t have time to quantify that. I will give you further information in a moment. So what is happening? It’s not the coronavirus. It is a virus that is being produced by cell poisoning.

And therefore the fibrous that we have is really a measure or indication of ourselves, excreta, ING, toxics. This is what’s killing people. So let me give you some facts that will hopefully make this compelling. So one of the first cities that Vodafone highway and some of the. Technology companies REL rolled out ubiquitous blanket, 5g, guess where it was Wu Han China, where this coronavirus was supposedly meant to start in some fish market that is complete nonsense.

It’s it started as a result of ratings. Active or radio radio frequencies at a high level creating radiation that was toxic to cells. And that’s why people were affording over dying in the streets, et cetera. So they’ve tried to cover it up. So because it has a, a flute. Um, uh, characteristics, they are using coronavirus to try and hide the fact that people are dying from the 5g, uh, frequency.

So let me just explain other major cities that rolled this out. It takes six months for this to impact your physical body. So last year, um, obviously we hadn’t was the first city. Um, then Spain rolled out 5g, Italy rolled out 5g. So you’ll see it. An uncommon level of fatalities because of the level of 5g penetration in these countries, Italy has had more fatalities in any other countries because it is densely populated with 5g and the older generation doesn’t have the immune system to fight against it.

Let me move on because of time. So Italy has rolled it out. Spain has rolled it out. Most major cities have rolled it out around the world and countries. London is one of the biggest, uh, CCTV. And obviously they’re in the process of running out more 5g. What is the relevance of all of this? The relevance is the Corona virus is not what’s killing.

It is clearly categorically, unequivocally, and scientifically proven that the radio frequencies that we are being exposed to is what is killing the people. Why are they allowing it because of multiple agendas, but primarily because 5g is the only network with the speed to handle the future. And where we’re going rapidly is a world run by AI, artificial, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, where everything’s interconnected on the internet, a new global currency that coming out.

And hence why I’ve been pushing what I’ve been pushing for the last five years in Africa with our own digital currency, um, to combat what was coming. Uh, in addition to that, there will be driverless cars. There’ll be a number of different things that. Um, basically need to run on 5g, so they cannot reverse the implementation of these, this technology.

And they’re happy for it to, to the sacrifice, to be millions of lives around the world, just to prove the point further. Um, the cruise ships were installed with 5g. So the people that were quarantined on the cruise ships, they were. Uh, cruise ships that had 5g, and that’s why the people were getting sick.

Hospitals have 5g, major cities have 5g, um, airports have 5g. So these are places where, uh, people will automatically get sick. If they’re exposed to the inordinate levels of radiation through radio stations. Um, poisoning. Okay. So let me move on. Um, we’ve had three pandemics in the last hundred and 20 years.

Uh, the first pandemic was in 1918, which was called the Spanish flu pandemic. This was when they implemented radio waves. Globally and increased the electrification of our universe. Guess what happens? Millions of people died six months later with a pandemic. They called the Spanish flu pandemic roll on a number of years, world war two, just after that, another pandemic, which was the implementation of radar equipment.

Globally satellites went up and mere out a plethora of different satellites. Went up into the, the, uh, what they call is the van Allen belt, um, basically where they stall and send, uh, satellites. So when that was implemented again, there was a number of deaths from the pandemic. Um, the last major pandemic was in 1968, which was called the Hong Kong flu.

Guess what they did, then they rolled out. And another level of satellite penetration in the van Halen belt, over a hundred thousand satellites that we’re transmitting. Um, Radar, um, signals radar field in the cosmic field, basically. So these were satellites that were pushing telecommunications and radar, um, communication.

So we had, um, radio waves first at the beginning of the century, and then they implemented radio. Equipment and telecommunication satellites. These cause pandemics that killed multiple millions of people in the last one was in 1968. So guess what’s happening now. They’ve rolled out 5g and this is impacting people’s lives, killing people around the world and they’re covering it up in the name of, um, uh, Corona virus.

So that is a fact. Please go and do your study study 5g, the implicate implications, implement of the implementation. Um, just to help you further. One of the countries, which is a huge country that has millions of people, huge country with cold weather. Russia has had no fatalities in the area of Corona virus.

Because they have not implemented 5g on a public use yet. They’ve only implemented it for exclusive use by the military. Hence why they’ve had no fatalities just to prove the point further. You’re seeing in the news now that people without underlining health issues or compromised immune systems are falling sick and dying of Corona.

That makes no sense that the young adult in the reason they are done. The facts are the truth is that the radiation is, does not compromise, has no prejudice, young or old, you will succumb to the power of radiation. Okay. So this is the fact of what’s really occurring. This is part of their strategy because of the importance of 5g.

And this is a great. Phenomenon that cannot be reversed first point. So please understand. I have a lot more information. I could give you 17 minutes thus far. I wish I could give you more, um, just on that, but trust me, do some research. Um, there’s some scholarly articles out there on the impact of, of, uh, There’s like the Boston health, uh, group that investigated contagions.

And they were basically said that the, uh, one of the viruses, the Spanish flu one, and even this one is not a contagion. What they’re doing is spreading it to people via the testing. Sorry, to be honest, but that’s what’s happening. So when you’re tested, it gives them an opportunity to contaminate you with the virus.

Because they want to cover up the fact that millions of people will die from the excessive radio frequency, frequency, see, um, uh, um, um, uh, radiation. So basically that’s what’s occurring on fortunately. So where is this going? Why are they doing this? We know the technological reasons for it. They need a robust, scalable, fast, uh, capable.

Internet that can handle the Petra data of information about all of your movements, all of your journeys, all of your banking transactions, your identification, all the CCTV cameras around the world, et cetera, et cetera, because they need visibility on what everyone’s doing. But the primary reason beyond that, what they’re doing, which is Luciferic and satanic, sorry, to be honest, uh, to use that term, but what is happening is that they are implementing three new strategies.

One. Vaccines said the vaccines, having it toxins. And they, one of the things about vaccines, they give you the actual disease to see how the body immune system will fight and combat the disease. So they give you the disease. But in that vaccine will consist of chemicals that lights you up effectively to respond even more powerfully to the stigma.

So a bit like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but in what they inject in your system enables the cells to be destroyed. That vaccine will consist of a substance that will enable the frequency of 5g to be more effective in creating more fatalities. So what you’re seeing around the world is that they’re buying time to build.

Capacity for the hospitals, for the warehouses and all the places they’re going to convert into huge mortuaries effectively. So I, to be honest with you to house the millions of people that are going to die from what is happening. So God has a plan. There is a plan. Let me just quickly throw that up now.

Okay. People are starting to worry. God has not given us a spirit of fear panel love and of a sound mind. No weapon formed against us can prosper. So please know that this is a weapon that has been formed, but it shall not prosper against God’s people. And I’ll tell you why in a moment. So these are some of the things.

Now you may or may not be aware of. That we are electromagnetic beings. I know that sounds a bit weird. I’m just not new age. I’ve studied it scientifically. Um, we have electric circuits. Our nervous system is really a complex network of, of, of wiring, uh, that are masterful creators. Created us to have. So brain signals up signals, information that travels up and down the body that tells you to move to sneeze, to whatever, to fight disease.

This is created by electrical circuitry. That’s in our. The electrical secretary then creates chemistry or chemicals, different types of chemicals that we react to when we eat. And when we do different things, subject to us being exposed to light and different things. Uh, and, and so we, um, we are predominantly water and then there’s obviously the physical mass of the body that houses everything.

But ultimately we are an electric circuit, so we react to frequencies. We respond to. Two vibrations. We respond to energy. So electromagnetic energy, I haven’t got time to deal with it. Um, but basic includes gamma rays x-rays um, hence why, when they do x-rays they have to stand behind certain screens. Um, there is infrared, there is all sorts of different kinds of, of alum electronics.

Energy that is visible. One of the other visible is light ultraviolet light and visible light. So that’s one part of energy. The other part is charged particles, and I won’t get into that, but that’s protons and, uh, also electrons and all sorts of different things that run about our university. So I universe and we are.

Given the capacity by God, she’d had to cope with these natural forces of energy running around the very surly system and into the van Allen belt and around the world whilst of relevance. So frequencies affect our sense of wellbeing. And one of the things I’ll tell you in another conversation after this is how can we combat because all of this emit frequencies, our heart are, I did a teaching on this, about the electromagnetic power of our heart and mind, um, that we do emit frequencies.

We, uh, we, we, we, we don’t use those terms in Bible terms, but might power. Uh, anointing fire of God’s spirit. All of these things can be scientifically proven as a electrification of our beings. Either we generate it or atmospheres affect us. That’s when we get together and have corporate worship and prayer, there’s a level of spiritual energy.

We call that the holy ghost, but it’s a, it’s a physical energy that can be felt. Um, and many things I could talk about on that, because at the time I can’t, I can’t reveal too much. Okay. So there is a solution that will help. To survive and to protect us and I’m developing those theories further and I will share them later on.

So let me explain the game plan. So the game plan of, of this new order, unfortunately it is the era of the new world audit. It has commenced, and this is why the last five years I was pushing my economic model with presidents throughout Africa, um, to give them an alternative. Digital currency and economic model that can sustain them independent of the world bank independent of this new world order controlled by the 1% of the 1% elite.

Now, what are they doing? So you’ll see already in the news today, there is announcement of the vaccines that will come. I said there were three developments vaccines, um, which will come, which will obviously have catastrophic impact on our physical being exposed to the radiation. Secondly, the vaccines will come with a tracking device called an RFI chip.

It is a microchip that will be in certed at the same time as the vaccines. Um, they’re not even. You know something about it. They’ve been quite diverse, uh, a vert about it. This will give them the ability to track. It will be presented in the name of, um, we need to know who has had vaccines, who hasn’t had vaccines.

Um, so we can know who’s safe. Who’s not safe and who can be given license to travel and do different things on the basis that they’re no longer a threat to humanity. Uh, based upon this, the spirits, uh, ostensible, um, uh, notion of, of, of the, uh, coronavirus, which is compete pharmacy there’s, it doesn’t exist in the context of what’s killing.

Okay. So they’re just using it as a means to justify where they’re going. The third area, unfortunately, is the introduction. And I sold this five years ago. Hence why I’ve been working when I was working on the implementation of digital currency, a global digital currency, it will start with the U S and it will roll out around the world.

And this is why, as I’ve said, I developed my own blockchain platform with our own digital currency, pegged to minerals in the ground. Um, so Africa could have its own independence and a currency juxtaposition to other currencies that would be strong in trading capital and financial markets. That’s what your boss has been working on behind the scenes.

Uh, while I was preaching administrator, this is what we’ve been doing from a kingdom point of view. But let me say, this has hailed a new era of the mark of the beast. It is here. It is real. It is now they are expediting rapidly because they realize. There’s a level of esoteric enlightenment going through the earth.

There’s a level of technology that can false track other people’s agenda, which will be contrary to theirs and they want to shut it down. So what are they doing? Systematically, systemically and simultaneously they all shutting global economies down because they want to introduce. Two things, a new level of monopoly or oligopolies please are four or five key multinational companies.

Amazon will be the first that Google is obviously one. Um, there’ll be. That will manage the supply chain of everything that we purchase. Um, so everything is going to be streamlined from food to electronics, to the flow of money and everything. Uh, so the second thing they’re doing with this system is other than creating these oligopolies.

So they’ve shut the global markets down. Um, they want to make as many people as possible. Unemployed said, please do not believe these measures they’re talking about, about, um, stipends and, um, um, basically grants or payments to help our self-employed or people who’ve been made redundant. It’s not going to happen to any degree.

That’s going to affect the livelihood of people. This is we’re heading for the largest global recession. The world has ever seen because they are changing the game. So what they’re bringing in now is, and I’m constantly 26 minutes, but this is important information. You must understand. They are bringing the new system, the new blockchain global.

Digital currency, which we will not have access to, unless we can prove that we are no longer a harm to humanity by having the vaccines, which will be mandatory, they will force them on us. And secondly, they will insist that we have to take the chip. That is a part of that same simultaneous process. Why are they shutting global economies down because they want to take control back from entrepreneurs can take control back from family offices, family businesses.

They want to completely disrupt the fabric of society. As we know it, um, education, employment, everything will be completely different, um, in the matter of months, not even years. So this is their strategy. To ultimately control in terms of visibility, through technology, such as 5g and the internet and all that, that gives them access to in terms of internet things and the control of money.

If you control money, you control the power. Uh, and so that is their agenda. Um, and obviously they want to control the population. Bill gates, God bless him. Um, has resigned from his position as chairman of building, uh, the sorry, the, uh, Microsoft and. Uh, the chairman of bill and Melinda gates foundation, he is now pushing the vaccine agenda.

Uh, he has developed technology. He is responsible for a lot of this. Um, so please, those who’ve held him as a innovator. He’s innovating for the demise of humanity. Uh, vaccines have always been a danger to humanity, uh, and they contain, uh, Pathogens, I think it’s called, um, the harmful to all human body.

Anyway. So that’s, what’s the. High-level summary. There’s a lot of information that I’ve summarized just to give you the highlights of what’s occurring. And what does the body of Christ do now? What do we do? Or firstly, the body of Christ is changing. This is the changing of the guard. This is now the time of the kingdom remnant to come to the four who’ve been prepared for such a time as this.

This is the time that people who were not fitting into churchy, normal restrictions. Thoughts and assignments and mandates beyond the church. This is the time that God is going to reposition them, basically where up next it’s all time. Now it’s a defining moment for the kingdom to rectify some of the things that are going wrong.

So that is one of the things you’ll see around the world. There’ll be a collaboration of kingdom, people who will come together. Combined resources collaborate to affect change and create an alternative system. I’ve been working on this for five years and there are a number of people around the world who are doing the same.

Secondly, you will see a change of church. Um, the, one of the reasons why I, this, the last point I’ll make that there’s been a ubiquitous shutdown of what. Um, prayer and, uh, congregating of religious organizations is because they are making wakes spiritually for the presentation of the antichrist we create.

And this is a revelation that I want to come back and teach you more on when we pray, when we. Corporately. We create a frequency. We create vibrations. We create a move of God. We call it the fire of God. We call it the power of God. We call it the spirit of God, but effectively what it is is that we as spirit food.

Clean living beings are our generators of spiritual energy. Spiritual power might let me use terms that will not scare you. Um, power anointing. These are electrical magnetic frequencies that emanate from us. Yeah. We listened to worship and pray. It literally heals our body. So when we’re in the presence of God, this is why we have.

Healing is a by-product because what we’re exposed to physically healed ourselves. That’s why he says I am the Lord, thy God, that healeth his presence alone. Heals people get healed in worship services, prophecies, and other communication, frequencies and information flows greater when we are corporately worshiping when we are praying corporately.

And so they have deliberately shut all of that down and. Network spiritually for want of a better term, so they can pave the way from the antichrist, uh, to come to the fore. Otherwise he would have been restricted withheld by the universal concert of prayers and worship of God’s people and say, this is what’s happening.

It’s deliberate. It’s not the Corona virus that is contained. Uh, sorry, contagious or a contagion that we can’t congregate is because they system actually have dismantled for the first time in human history, the corporate gathering of religious people to pray and worship because it changes the spiritual atmosphere so they can have more power.

I wouldn’t doubt if there’s sacrifices and different things that are going on behind the scenes as well to empower. What this move is, and trust me, they’re moving at lightning speed. Within a matter of weeks, we are going to be shocked by the revelation and the implementation of the things that they will be doing.

The vaccines will be a matter of months away. If not days, the new currency will be a matter of days away, months away, um, the whole new economic system, which I have created one that I’m going to implement regardless. Um, as a strategy to counter what is happening, I’ve been prophesied in this for 15 years, that w that the kingdom of God needs its own economic system.

Whilst you’re all having happy clappy church and feeding. Good. Some of us have been strategizing on the blueprint of God to advance his kingdom, to save much souls alive and to preserve a posterity anyway, because of time, let me conclude here. Best thing we can do right now is to raise our frequency live clean, live righteously.

And remove and detox our bodies from anything that would affect the flow of God’s anointing on our lives. The only counter we have is prayer and worship. It creates its own force, field of energy and force, field of frequency. Heaven’s frequency will protect you to some degree whilst God is working on the strategy that he’s going to implement.

I pray this has helped somebody share this with somebody forward. This that the world can understand this is happening, that we can pump together. Strategize as a kingdom remnant, because God said that he doesn’t get involved with the affairs of man, because he gave too many into man in Genesis chapter one.

That’s why so many heinous and terrible things happen in our world because God is not running the world. He works and influences. Good men evil prevails when good men saying nothing is they’ve said, so what God is trying his best to do is influence people who will live right live clean, pure hands, clean heart, not lifting up their salt onto vanity, nor swearing deceitfully with lies, not manipulating people to gain true people of God that he can speak through work through.

So he can have an impact on the earth, but what he has said, um, from my time in pres that this now has forced his hand, that he’s going to move. As God, he has to intervene as God. And I think as we ubiquitously globally, raise up our prayers and our, uh, a false thing, which helps our, uh, electromagnetic flow, by the way, uh, intermittent fasting, strengthens our immune system, which strengthens our, uh, Electromagnetic flow.

Electro likes likes lime and different things that we used, which we thought were spiritual actually are scientific. They improve the strength of our body. They strengthen us. So olive oil and different things have components that have electrolyte, uh, elements in it that strengthen our physical body fasting does that helps our immune system immensely.

So we can fight against the Corona fight against these radiation of the frequency, but more importantly, create a heavenly sound. That will combat what the enemy is up to for now until God implements. God bless you. We love you. This is a whole new era. This is the new thing God has been talking about, but thank God this kingdom, he will give to none other.

This will be hewed out the mountain without hands. It will drive away all other dispensational kingdoms like chaff in the wind. So this is our time. For us to embrace what God is doing and to be if every time we need to be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord in his now. So I encourage you. I enjoy you. I, I really plead with you.

Let’s be unified. Let’s be righteous. Let’s spend time in prayer and we need to use this time. Lastly, to reset. We need to use this time to reset our priorities, reset a routine, reset our reinvestment in ourselves. Ready ourselves for what is coming. Reinvent ourselves. If we have to inline with God’s purpose and raising Detra for our lives, we have to reach out to other people.

We need to share this information that the unbelievers will now believe what we’ve been saying about revelations 13 for hundreds of years, 200 years to be precise. It’s the Bible was translated. We need to re-establish righteousness and our relational connection with God, like never before and reinvest in knowledge, do not waste time on entertainment, spend time reading, studying pertinent information.

The word of God really started to show ourselves approved at this time. The work that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. God bless you. I know this is an incredibly long. But with all due respect, this information is too important to just give you a 32nd overview, pray about it, submit it to your profits, submit it to your, your leaders, submit it to whoever, but this is the reality of what is happening, but I promise you God is going to raise up a remnant with their own kingdom currency, with their own kingdom economy, with their own banking systems, with their own information.

Hi. With a new type of church that the world has not seen. And I’ve been prophesied this for years, but I’ve been working behind the scenes also with a few other like-minded nobility members to effect this change that we knew was coming. God bless you. I pray this doesn’t scare you. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.

This is our time that we stand still and see the salvation of our Lord. And we trust in our God lean, not around understanding and all our ways that knowledge is. For his directing our paths. Like you wouldn’t believe this is the time we need to know that he’s a strong tower and the righteous runners onto him.

And I’ve saved from radiation and frequencies that have been adversely affecting our bodies. We need to know that he is with us. Okay. They say, stay strong, stay anointed, share this information, and I’ll be back to you with more details.