George Lopez, booed off stage over anti-Trump jokes, slams crowd with insulting ‘apology’

October 15, 2017 in News by Ken

SG george-lopez booed over trump jokes


Comedian George Lopez got booed off the stage at a charity event in Denver after making jokes about President Trump that fell flat.

Lopez then “apologized” for his lame jokes by insulting the audience with a race-baiting jab. The flap occurred last week at a posh charity gala to raise money for juvenile diabetes.

“Listen, it’s about the kids,” Lopez said (see video below). “I apologize for bringing politics to an event. This is America; it still is. So I apologize to your white privilege.”

Denver is an extremely liberal city, so you would’ve thought the anti-Trump jokes would have connected with the crowd. But like the NFL kneelers and Hollywood leftists, Lopez doesn’t realize there’s a time and a place for politics. And a charity event for children is not it.

Moreover, Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei — a Trump supporter who had donated $250,000 to the event — had asked Lopez to not joke about Trump.

“[Maffei had asked Lopez] nicely to stop making Trump jokes,” an audience member told Page Six. “George doesn’t, continues, and gets booed.”

After falling flat with the audience, Lopez announced a video segment and then never returned to the stage.


This isn’t the first time Lopez has attacked the audience after one of his jokes flopped. In February 2017, he called a woman a “b*tch” and kicked her out of his show because she didn’t like his comedy routine (video below).

“Sit your fckin’ ass down! Sit your fckin’ ass down!” he yelled. “I’m talking, btch. You paid to see a show. So sit your fcking ass down … I tell you what, I’ll make the choice for you. Get the f*ck out of here!”

Among the jokes the Mexican-American made at that performance was this racist jab: “There are only 2 rules in the Latino family: don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.”