George Shultz, Architect of the Destruction of the U.S. Economy, Has Died

February 14, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

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It would not be an exaggeration to identify George P. Shultz as one of those most responsible for the devolution unleashed on the physical economy of the nations of the trans-Atlantic region over the last half-century. Shultz, who died on February 6, was the quintessential “Economic Hitman,” whose policies and actions paved the way for today’s Davos billionaires behind the Great Reset and Green New Deal, who are carrying on his work to impose a global dictatorship run by Central bankers, on behalf of the largest private banks and financial institutions. He was not simply a typical “free market” fanatic with academic credentials, but one consciously committed to what was once called synarchism, a term used to describe the international model in which global corporations usurped the sovereign powers of nation states to drive down wages and living standards, while increasing profits for corporate shareholders.

This corporatist model was employed by those who put the former “Socialist” turned “Fascist” Mussolini in power in Italy, and Hitler in Germany. The slave labor policies of the early years of the Nazis in Germany were dictated by the cartels, and imposed by Hitler’s Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht, with full support of his allies in the City of London and Wall Street.

Shultz’s Schachtian roots came naturally, as his father worked for the Morgan-Rockefeller-Harriman interests in New York City in the 1920s located at 120 Broadway, where stock market manipulation and the building of global industrial cartels were the order of the day. It was from these financial and corporate networks that American support was recruited by City of London operatives to participate in their “Hitler project.”

Shultz was trained at MIT by notorious Tavistock Institute brainwasher Kurt Lewin, whose pioneering work in lowering labor costs experimented with ways to get workers to participate willingly in their own speed-up, to avoid the more brutal methods applied by the Nazis. This work came in handy in the 1970s, when Shultz worked with the “Chicago Boys” after the bloody coup against Salvadore Allende in Chile by General Pinochet. Though he admitted in an interview that the dictator Pinochet “no doubt did some unnecessarily brutal things,” he said this was needed to bring down costs to once again attract foreign investment in Chile!