George Soros’ plan to purge conservative news for good was just exposed

May 5, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Leftists have controlled the “mainstream” media for decades.

Over time, conservatives built their own alternative news to fight back.

But if George Soros succeeds with this plan, conservative news will be purged for good.

When a conservative gets popular, the Left immediately targets them.

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham have all been put in the crosshairs by radical Leftists who’ve tried boycotting their advertisers in hopes of getting the hosts fired.

But now, the Poynter Institute, the “journalism” institute responsible for training writers and reporters, is piling on with a progressive smear campaign of online news.

Poynter is funded by the Open Society Foundation, which is George Soros’ political arm through which he funds numerous Leftist organizations and causes.

In fact, he helped Poynter raise $1.3 million in grant funding to allow Poynter to establish the International Fact-Checking Network.

And it just so happens this fact-checking network is targeting virtually every conservative news site