Georgia: Signs of Election Fraud Are Repeated in Senate Runoff Election

January 6, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | National File and 100 Percent Fed Up



Georgia was the site of numerous election fraud schemes during the presidential election in November and now the run-off election for two seats in the US Senate that will determine whether there will be a Republican or a Democrat majority. Similar patterns of alleged voter fraud are emerging in the new election, including broken Dominion voting machines in some Republican strongholds, extended voting hours in several Democrat strongholds, Republican poll watchers kept away from polling stations, and a prolonged election, perhaps by several days to count mail-in ballots.Video appears to show that 32,400 votes were removed from Republican Senate candidate David Perdue on live television. Once a vote is counted, there is no reason for votes to be going down.

Video from ABC News appears to show that Republican candidate David Purdue had 774,723 votes, but the count is lowered seconds later to 742,323 votes, with a loss of 32,400 votes


In a stunning video provided by Kanekoa, GA GOP Senate candidate David Perdue can be seen losing 32,400 votes during a live ABC News broadcast. With only 40% of the expected vote results recorded Purdue’s lead slips fro 774,723 to 742,323 for a loss of 32,400 votes during another segment on a live ABC broadcast.

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From National File:

While results are still coming in, and no candidates have secured a clear victory, the state of Georgia has already experienced several of the same or similar troubling developments that led to credible accusations of widespread voter fraud during the November 3 election.

To start, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger claimed that Dominion machines in one Republican stronghold broke. Raffensperger said that law enforcement was en route with new equipment.

President Donald Trump, and many others, said that the issue was far more widespread than one location.

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