Getting Ready for Just in Case

October 4, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Some of of you have probably seen and listened to the speech given by the character V in the wonderfully inspirational movie, V For Vendetta – which bears re-watching if you haven’t lately and is a must-view if you’ve never seen it at all.

The speech – given over government-censored airwaves pirated by the character, V – talks about how people gave in to fear – of sickness, ironically enough. And turned over power to an authoritarian government – or rather, submitted to it – out of desperation for a return to some semblance of calm and normalcy.

One of the specific things V touched on was the perfectly natural desire most of us have for the familiar things, the everyday routines and places – and how this can be used against us by psychopathic political types to leverage our submission. No one wants to put their life’s work in jeopardy, much less their family’s security. People cherish their friends and community; they love their homes.

It is very difficult to say good-by to these things.

But sometimes, it is the only thing to do.

I learned this, like many others have learned it, when I was excommunicated from the little coffee shop that had been part of my daily routine for several years. I enjoyed spending a few hours in my usual spot, having some coffee and writing among the ebb and flow of people I had gotten to know over the years. It was a pleasant part of my life that became very unpleasant when the owners joined the Sickness Cult and insisted that patrons play Sickness Kabuki if they wanted to buy a cup of coffee. Since I would not join the cult, I was cast out.

I have also said good-bye to a number of people I once considered close friends of mine. I learned, to my great sadness, that they were not. Friends do not demand that you practice their religion – nor denounce you for failing to do so. These people did and so I call them friends no longer.

Another change may be coming – for me and possibly for you, too. I think it is wise to anticipate it.

What will you do if the gesundheitsfuhrer of the state you live in decrees that alles muss impfung (everyone must be “vaccinated”)? Not only those who – per the decree of the current Obergesundheitsfuhrer in the Haupstadt der Krankenreich – work for companies that employ 100 people or more or who transact any business, however peripheral, with the regierung in Washington – but everyone, period. To be permitted to enter any store in the state you live in. To be allowed to work, anywhere.

Even if you work for yourself.

As crazy as this sounds, keep in mind how crazy things already are. The Sickness Cult isn’t going to just disband. It must spread the faith. In this way, interestingly enough, it is very much like the virus-god it worships. Stagnation is death. It cannot abide unbelief for the simple reason that abiding it will result in unbelief. Some will see – and leave the cult. Other will never join it. Which is why all must be compelled to join it.

For that will make it very difficult for anyone to leave it.

My state – Virginia – will select a new gesundheitsfuhrer in about a month from now. The current one has been pretty bad. The new one – very likely to be the Clinton apparatchik Terry McAuliffe – could prove to be much worse. He spoke the other day of getting everyone in the state “vaccinated.” Read more about his “plan” here.

This makes me extremely uneasy.

It motivates me to get ready.