Gun Control – Stop the Madness

August 10, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

by Jerry Klinger

Once again, our hearts are ripped by mass, murder committed by a hate-filled lone wolf with a gun.  Last week scores of innocent people were murdered in seconds.

How long before we finally recognize guns are a public health menace. American society is outraged.  Can Americans learn from Israel’s experience with guns?

Israelis can not obtain guns just by showing up with a drivers’ license a smile and a credit card for a cursory electronic background check.  Americans can, in many states.  Israelis have to show cause for needing a gun, not an AR-15, but a simple revolver or Glock.

Who has a gun and how is gun possession different in Israel.  Israeli teachers, or a principal, can carry a gun in school.  Americans cringe at the thought of someone in the school authorized to carry a gun. Schools are gun-free zones. Most Americans never heard of Ma’alot.

Everyone it seems in America has a cell phone to call the cops who may arrive within five minutes.