HEAR IT: “Let’s Go Brandon” Song Trends at Number 1 on iTunes

October 19, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patriotalerts



The “Let’s Go Brandon” song which is based off of an anti-Joe Biden chant, is currently the number one song on the iTunes hip-hop chart. The song was performed by rapper Loza Alexander.

“In the song’s choruses, a voice repeatedly chants the iconic anti-Biden mantra and is immediately followed by a sample of a crowd chanting the original line, the more rough-and-ready ‘F*ck Joe Biden,’” writes The Post-Millennial.

“Alexander can be seen in the video wearing a red MAGA-style hat with white lettering on it which reads ‘Make Music Great Again’ and rapping about how many Americans are experiencing regret and how he feels vindicated due to the poor performance of the Biden administration,” the outlet continued.

Read some of the lyrics below:

And I say it wit’ a passion
As I pull off in the Aston
Don’t nobody like his ass, huh?
Tried to cover up, but tell the people, go Brandon
But we know what they sayin’, though
You can hear thе chant in every post
Don’t nobody want this commie ‘causе we not in China
Everybody hated Trump, and now they out to catch a body
That’s what they get for treatin’ us like we in Squid Game
Dream light, mandate like he’s insane
These times, people wakin’ up to e’erything
Go Brandon, but we all know what the sayin’ mean


The Daily Wire reports on the intensifying “F*** Joe Biden” chants:

The chant emerged in college football stadiums but has now gone global. “Protesters in Rome chant ‘F*** Joe Biden’ as they march past the American Embassy,” one person wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

The chant “F*** Joe Biden” has exploded across the U.S. in the last few weeks, with college football crowds booming out the refrain in unison as they gather by the thousands in huge stadiums.

“This holiday weekend, as the Old Row Sports Twitter account extensively documented, saw many appearances of both versions of the chant, ranging from that preferred by Christian conservatives at Jerry-Fallwell-founded Liberty University to the much-earthier version, including one spelled out on the type of sign normally seen at road-construction sites,” The Western Journal reported.

On October 3, an NBC sports reporter interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama after Brown scored his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series win stated in a video that the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” when in reality they were chanting “F*** Joe Biden,” The Daily Wire reported.

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