Hegar’s Mother-In-Law: “MJ is only in it for herself”

October 29, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 9:52 AM

By: Joanna Rodriguez



Hey y’all – MJ Hegar can’t even hold on to votes within her own family. A new report yesterday revealed Hegar’s mother-in-law will not be supporting the Chuck Schumer-endorsed candidate:

Patricia Heiman, the mother of Hegar’s husband Stephen Hegar, took to Facebook in the race’s final weeks to warn voters against supporting the Democratic Senate candidate, specifically pointing to Hegar’s failure to lend a helping hand to her three step-children after their home was burned down in a fire earlier this year.

“I know her personally and she is not a good person,” Heiman wrote. “I know that sounds like a spiteful mother-in-law but I speak on behalf of my son’s three other children that they do not see.”

Heiman wrote that Hegar and her own son took no action to help her three grandchildren after a fire burned down their home along with all their belongings in January. “His other children’s house burned to the ground last January,” Heiman wrote. “And they gave nothing, I mean nothing to help them out. MJ is only in it for herself. If she can’t help her stepchildren’s situation out, how do you think she’s going to help Texans out.”

“Senator John Cornyn and his staff have worked tirelessly to help their fellow Texans in need after disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “If MJ Hegar won’t even make the time to help her stepchildren in need after a fire destroyed their home, it’s no surprise her mother-in-law questions how she would treat Texans in need.”

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Joanna Rodriguez
Press Secretary, National Republican Senatorial Committee