Hey All You Atheists, Libertarians and Women, You Should Really Read This

June 29, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike


Hey All You Atheists, Libertarians and Women, You Should Really Read This
(This was written as a prediction about ten days ago and promptly misplaced; therefore, it may seem a bit late.)
Jeff Spicoli, philosopher surfer at Ridgemont High, seems to be better versed in American history than Professors of American History at US universities.  He also expresses his understanding of that history more cogently than most US Representatives and Senators and, of course, better than most University History Professors, probably because he’s smoked less pot than those Professors.
I have never wanted one of my predictions to come true less than this one, less even, than the prediction that one day my sins will be found out.
But enough about me.
It’s time to talk about you.
Keep your eye on the newly created state of CHAZ, (is it?), inside of the hapless city of Seattle.  I think that we’re all about to find out just why nations are instituted among men.  Oh, there were these imperfect men who imperfectly implemented the united states Constitution over 200 years ago to form a “more perfect”* union, imperfectly following up on the imperfect work of imperfect men who crafted a declaration of independence from the world’s most powerful nation at that time that we might look to.  They said governments are instituted among Men to secure certain unalienable right, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Well, I wonder what the government of CHAZ will be like.
Here comes my prediction.
I think that the government of CHAZ will be one of instability and denying of rights and probably one of confusion, chaos and bias.  I’ll bet they even separate themselves by what they call “race” in the interest of not being racist.
By the way, the King’s England, did not allow the abolition of slavery under his flag.  You might want to find out how many of the former colonies, newly called states, repealed slavery upon independence from King George III.  But I digress, let us return to you.
You atheists and libertarians, the ones too pure to vote, I am speaking to you and all women also: you need to watch CHAZ very closely.  A nation founded by people who do not draw their principles from reading the bible or from established biblical principles, anyway, imperfectly implementing them, because they are only human, after all, will fall into horrid chaos or ruthless authoritarianism.  This is inevitable.  I do not know, but I suspect that CHAZ has not been founded by imperfect Christian men, but just imperfect men, probably men (and maybe a few women) who, with the best of intentions will not long agree on how to govern.
My prediction is that CHAZ will get rather rapey, and violent in other ways, also, if allowed to exist for very long.  CHAZ will likely not be able to produce anything in significant quantity and will require the importation of nearly every thing human beings need or desire, and they will need to have it given to them.  This won’t be a problem because there will be many giving of their own free will, (that’s misplaced charity), but likely moreso, an established government such as the city of Seattle, having stolen money by taxation will fund CHAZ for some time.
The revelers of Woodstock needed much help and they were only there for a few days to party. How much more will CHAZians or CHAZites need?
* That “perfect” in a more perfect union, it doesn’t mean flawless, it means complete.   (Yes, complete is an absolute term, so something can’t be more complete, unless qualified, but, well the union wasn’t complete without a working constitution and they were, maybe unwisely, throwing out the Articles of Confederation, so they needed, what did Spicoli say? I paraphrase, “we need to get some cool rules, ourselves, pronto, or they’d be bogus, too.”   Maybe Spicoli would be a good leader in CHAZ?  But think back to your grammar school days, if you are at least 60 years old, when school was still sort of educational, and remember how you were taught to conjugate a verb.  Recall the synopsis of conjugating TO SEE: First the INDICATIVE;  I see, I saw, I will see, and then the PERFECT tenses, the Perfect, Pluperfect and Future Perfect; I have seen, I had seen, I will have seen.
Biblical principles are natural principles for the most part, though rarely exercised among unregenerate hearts, and a passable society can exist without the profession of Christ, but only for a time.  We are witnessing now what happens when you kick God out of the schools, out of the public square, demean His book and those who, if imperfectly for crying out loud, attempt to follow Christ.
I would note, also, not to diminish the horror of slavery, that the loudest voices about an abhorrent practice that ended with about the same number of dead American combatants as slaves in America, are just happy as can be that Black babies’ lives end by being shredded to death in their mothers wombs, and to a number 100 times greater than the number of Black slaves who were held in America.  How selective is their outrage?  America is imperfect, as is any nation, but it truly isn’t Hell, either.  At least it isn’t Hell yet, but a bunch of Marxist agitators are doing their best to make it so.  And if imperfect “good” men do nothing, the Marxists will have their way.
That’s an interesting statistical coincidence, would you not say: 600,000 Black people living bound as slaves in America, many having been sold by their own Black brothers in Africa into slavery, and 600,000 lives ended in a war that ended slavery?  If that’s some sort of divine reckoning, you know, death on a biblical scale, I reckon God may be counting up 60,000,000 living American lives to either go into slavery or be taken in some manner to coincide with 60,000,000 babies shredded to death in their mothers’ wombs.  Hunh?  Did anybody ever hear if God makes people pay a price for failing to adhere to His laws and flouting them with aplomb?  It seems I’ve read that somewhere.  Think about that, 600,000 lives in slavery, 600,000 dead in a war ending slavery.  Over 100 times more shredded and killed babies than slaves.
What hath the heart of man wrought?
Je suis Spike