Hollywood Celebs Meet World’s Top Doctors and Scientists In COVID Symposium

January 10, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By W Gelles


(Note:  This historic meeting reportedly took place at an ultra-expensive Beverly Hills hotel, with face-diapers optional.)



Jennifer Aniston (moderator):  I’d like to open this symposium by saying: All you so-called doctors and scientists who came here today, you should consider yourselves very lucky that I agreed to be here.  I normally don’t associate with people who didn’t get the vaccine. (Applause).  And I assume none of you Covid Deniers and tinfoil-hat-wearing doctors got the vaccine.  (Louder applause).  This wonderful vaccine which is saving America—and saving our lives.  (Cheers)


Dr. Peter McCullough (award-winning cardiologist, top researcher on early COVID-19 treatment):  Far from saving lives, the vaccine is a bioweapon.  In October 2020 the vaccine manufacturers met with FDA and CDC officials to warn the agencies that 22 major adverse “side effects” will occur in those who take the vaccines, including death, brain inflammation, convulsions, meningitis, stroke, autoimmune disease, miscarriages, and many other life-threatening injuries.  The purpose of the meeting was to determine the best way to keep this information away from the public.  When the vaccines were rolled out a few weeks later, the Package Inserts and Fact Sheets were blank—or for “Potential Side Effects” they listed only minor events like headache and slight rash.


And these are exactly the major consequences we’re seeing in people who got the Covid vaccine.  We’re seeing paralysis, nonstop convulsions and tremors, we’re seeing permanent vision loss, spinal damage, heart attacks, blood irregularities, permanent disability, lung and kidney damage, stillbirths, and a lot more.


All of these gene-based vaccines should have been pulled off the market by February 2021 when it became obvious what massive damage and death they’re causing.


In 1976, the swine flu vaccination program was halted after just 25 deaths caused by the vaccine.  Yet now, with millions of deaths and injuries resulting from the COVID-19 vaccine according to the CDC’s own data, this failed vaccination campaign is insanely ramping up so that Big Pharma can continue to rake in billions of dollars.  It’s criminal.


Dolly Parton:  Uhhh, excuse me, Mr. Negativity.  We are so lucky we live in America, the greatest country on earth, where we have the world’s greatest scientists who created this amazing vaccine to keep us safe.  They’re working 9 to 5 to protect us from this monstrous, diabolical COVID-19 virus—to protect our puny immune systems which are incapable of handling a super-powerful killer virus like this one is.


Prof. Martin Kulldorff (Harvard epidemiologist and biostatistician)

That’s not true.  The latest study from Israel shows that natural immunity in people exposed to the virus offers far greater protection from COVID-19 than the vaccines—2700 percent times greater protection!   This means that vaccine passports are totally unscientific and senseless.   Vaccine mandates are not only unscientific nonsense, they’re also unethical and discriminatory.


Dr. Ryan Cole (pathologist, Medical Director of America’s Frontline Doctors)Natural immunity is far stronger than the transitory protection provided by the Covid vaccines, and natural immunity usually lasts for life.  The vaccines were never necessary from the outset because 99.9+% of people under the age of 80 spontaneously recover from COVID-19 infection within a few days and usually develop a natural immunity far stronger than the 4- to 6-month protection offered by the vaccine.  And there are many cheap, effective remedies widely used around the world to defeat COVID-19, such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, Vitamins D, C, and B, zinc, and so forth.


Dr. Michael Yeadon (Pfizer’s former VP and Chief Science Officer for Allergic and Respiratory Disease):  The COVID-19 “vaccines” are very harmful and dangerous—unlike the virus, which is relatively weak and mild.  In their first four months the  COVID-19 “vaccines” racked up more deaths and severe adverse events than all other vaccines combined in VAERS’s entire 30-year history.  VAERS is your U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, which records fewer than 1% of casualties.  And the numbers for the reporting systems of the UK and EU are just as horrifying.


The vaccines are medically useless, often lethal, and serve only one conceivable purpose: depopulation.


Dolly Parton:  Well, folks, I can see we’ve got some crackpots and loonies here with us today.  You, sir (she points at Dr. Yeadon), you  must be a little-old Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist.  Or a little-old Left-Wing Conspiracy Theorist.  Or some kind of Conspiracy Theorist, honey, ’cause you’re spreading misinformation wider than a helicopter spreading Monsanto Roundup over Bill Gates’s farm-fields, and that ain’t hay.


Everything that you Mister Know-It-Alls just told us is misinformation, pure and simple!  The Fact Checkers warned me to stay away from people like you.  CNN, Reuters, the New York Times, and even my hometown newspaper The Nashville Tennessean, they all warned me NOT to listen to people like you.


Dr. Michael Yeadon:   The CEO of Reuters sits on Pfizer’s Board of Directors.  You got that?  Do you see a potential conflict of interest there?  Everything the fact-checkers like Reuters say is a pack of lies.  The same goes for the Mainstream Media when it comes to Covid or any topic of crucial importance.  The fact-checkers are all bought-and-paid-for by Big Pharma.  They are, quite simply, the PR mouthpieces of the pharmaceutical industry and the government.


Alec Baldwin:  I didn’t pull the trigger.  There was no trigger pulled on the set of Rust, my new B-movie which will probably get cancelled, damn it, I put so much money into that thing.  Halyna Hutchins died, it’s true, and it was a terrible tragedy. (He brushes away tears).  But the autopsy proved conclusively that Halyna had COVID-19.  She died from COVID-19.  (Gasps in the audience)


Dr.  Lee Merritt (orthopedic/spinal physician/surgeon, former Navy doctor, past president, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons):  Very good point, Mr. Baldwin!  That’s exactly how the fake pandemic numbers have been created.  Anyone who dies in a car accident, or from a heart attack or cancer or the flu—if they are diagnosed as having COVID-19 infection, the cause of death is listed as “Death from COVID-19”.  That’s how the phony pandemic statistics were manufactured out of thin air.  That’s how the seasonal flu magically disappeared.  All the deaths were transferred to the COVID-19 column.  In reality, there is no excess mortality, and there is no pandemic.  It’s a gigantic hoax.  Don’t you people understand anything?


Karen Kingston (former Pfizer biotech analyst):  Not only that, the PCR test is totally fraudulent.  It’s deliberately ramped up to 30 cycles or above, so that it will generate false-positives up to 97 percent of the time.  Every lab clinician in the United States knows the test is garbage, but they keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their jobs.  The CDC, the WHO, and the FDA have all admitted that the PCR test can’t differentiate between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.  All the data is junk data.  All you people have been fooled by a government-orchestrated scam carried out in collusion with the drug companies and their globalist backers.


Alec Baldwin:  My good friend, the forensic analyst, told me how Halyna died.  And I will use that in my defense if this unfortunate incident ever goes to trial.  Halyna Hutchins died of COVID-19.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  George Stephanopoulos, my Hamptons beach-buddy, believes me.  CNN believes me.  Dr. Anthony Fauci believes me.  It’s the scientific truth according to the CDC’s own guidelines.  Trust the science.


Chorus of applause:  He’s right.  Trust the science!  Trust the science!


Dr. Byram Bridle (vaccine developer, viral immunologist, associate professor  University of Guelph, Ontario):  The science is telling us that we made a huge mistake.  We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen to trigger your immune system to launch an antibody response—whether from the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna, or the adenovirus-vector shots of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.  But recent research proves the spike protein is itself a toxin and a disease-causing protein.  The spike protein is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, risks to nursing babies and fertility, and damage to the immune system.  The spike protein is the last thing you would ever want a vaccine to inject into your body, or to force your body to manufacture.


And we’re seeing people who had cancers that were in remission or well-controlled, but soon after they got the Covid vaccine their cancers have gone completely out of control.


Dr. Ryan Cole:  I am seeing a 20-fold increase in endometrial cancer in the vaccinated.  The vaccines are damaging the immune system’s ability to fight cancer, herpes, human papilloma virus, and shingles.


Sean Penn:   What Alec Baldwin is telling us makes good sense.  Halyna died from COVID-19 just like I’m sure it will say on her death certificate—like the death certificate says for millions of other Americans who died from the flu, I mean from COVID-19.  Halyna is another victim of this terrifying Great Pandemic which threatens to destroy humanity like the Bubonic Plague.  We’ve got to make these Genetic Modification Biologic Agents, I mean, these “vaccines”, mandatory for everyone.  And we ought to round up all the people who refuse to get vaccinated and put them in concentration camps, I mean, in quarantine camps.  It’s for their own good.


Many Celebutard voices:   It’s for their own good!  It’s for the greater good!  That’s what it says in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Ms., People, The New Yorker, Esquire, The Nation Magazine, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter, and other prominent medical journals.  It’s for the greater good!


Dr. Thomas Binder (Doctors For COVID Ethics):  You need to understand that the COVID-19 virus has an infection fatality rate that’s significantly lower than the seasonal flu.  There was never any scientific basis to lockdown economies or to impose absurd restrictions like useless disease-causing masks and social distancing.


Furthermore, the Unvaccinated pose absolutely no risk to the Vaccinated.  On the contrary, it’s the Vaccinated who pose a serious risk to those in close proximity to them, because the Vaccinated are constantly shedding toxic spike proteins through their breath, saliva, and perspiration.  Pfizer’s test documents even warn of the shedding phenomenon.


Whoopi Goldberg:  What is shedding?  What’s he talking about?  Is that like dandruff?


Nicolas Cage:  I use Selsun Blue. It works.  It helps fight Covid too.


Arnold Schwarzenegger:  I agree with Dolly Parton and I fully embrace her, her, her point of view.  And to all you unvaxxed wimps whining about your civil liberties, I say this: Screw your freedom!  We all need a civics lesson here.  You cannot just say “I have the right to do X, Y, and Z.”  Because when you affect other people, that’s when it gets serious.  Sometimes I get so angry just thinking about it, it makes me want to go beat up a bunch of unvaccinated people, beat them black-and-blue, to knock some sense into them.  (Loud applause).  These selfish unvaccinated scum are causing A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated.  Our wise leader, Josef Stalin Biden, told us so, and so did Dr. Fauci who is always right.  Sieg Heil!

(Loud cheers, fans make V-sign for Vaccine Victory; foot-stomping)


Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D. (virologist and vaccine developer)There is no “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.  It’s a complete myth fabricated by the CDC and their allies in the corporate-controlled Mainstream Media.  On the contrary, 90 percent of the people hospitalized for Covid after their bogus PCR-test are vaccinated individuals.  Even worse, the Centers for Disease Control now says that “fully vaccinated” Americans can be super-spreaders of disease who carry high viral loads and deadly variants.  If anything, vaccinated people are the ones who should be self-isolating at home. A study by the University of Oxford discovered that vaccinated people carry 251 times higher viral loads in their nostrils, allowing them to spread the virus to others.


I worked for Bill Gates’s front-group, Gavi, and for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  We are going to pay a huge price for this mass vaccination campaign.  And I’m becoming emotional because I’m thinking of my children, of the younger generation.


Jennifer Aniston:  Well, thank you, Mr. Schwarzenegger, that was a beautiful sentiment.  We really do need to listen to medical experts such as Paul McCartney, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Demi Lovato, Bruce Springsteen, and Selena Gomez.  These medical professionals know what’s best for you, and they care about you deeply.  They would never mislead you or be misled themselves by the biggest, most sinister, most thoroughgoing propaganda/censorship campaign in world history.  Sure, Eric Clapton is permanently disabled from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot.  But life is like a box of chocolates, isn’t it?  You never know what you’re going to get.  And we all know such mishaps are extremely rare.  By and large, as we all know, the COVID-19 vaccines are very, very safe and very, very effective.  (Standing ovation)


Oh Steven (she asks Steven Spielberg), could you please share with us your views on what Ahr-naald just said—give us your views about the pandemic, the mandates, and the vaccines?


Steven Spielberg:  No comment.


Nicole Kidman:  In Australia, where I live, we have concentration camps under 24-hour surveillance for people who refuse to cooperate and get the Covid shot.  These selfish, nasty, unhygienic people are dragged away and basically put in a prison—for their own good and for the good of society.  Australia has strict mandates and penalties which have locked out of society anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine.  And they deserve all the punishment they get.  Keith [Urban] and I both got the Covid shot, and our 13-year-old daughter, Sunday, got vaccinated too.  It’s just like getting the flu shot.  It’s a piece of cake.


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (leading German-Thai-American immunologist/microbiologist):  If you give your child the Covid jab, you are committing a crime.  You’re committing child abuse.  These so-called vaccines are bioweapons with zero medical value, as proven by many scientific studies.  Children who get these shots are especially vulnerable to myocarditis— heart inflammation, as well as blood clots, immune system damage, and other injuries.  We’re already seeing an explosion of myocarditis in young children and teenagers who get these injections. The latest studies suggest that 20% of children who develop myocarditis die within two years.  And 50% are dead in five years.


Children have virtually zero risk from COVID-19, so the vaccine is totally unnecessary.  Their immune system is by far their best defense against SARS-CoV-2, indeed against all coronaviruses.


The COVID hysteria is based on lies.  The COVID “vaccines” are set to cause a global catastrophe and decimation of the human population.  There is simply no benefit.  The rollout must be stopped immediately.


Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, jabs he strongly opposes):  Over 16,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world have signed a declaration saying that healthy children should NOT be vaccinated for COVID-19.  If you let your child get the vaccine, a viral gene will be injected into your child’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including their brain and nervous system, their heart and blood vessels, and their reproductive system.  This vaccine can also negatively impact their immune system.


The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreversible and irreparable.  You can’t fix the lesions within their brain.  You can’t repair heart tissue scarring.  You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system.   And the reproductive damage which your child may experience could mean that he or she will be sterile or infertile.


Nicole Kidman:  That’s very interesting, but what’s your point?  We learn from the major newspapers and the boob tube what to do.  Let’s face it, those are the only reliable sources, not far-out extremist doctors like yourself.


Max Igan (Australian activist):  I was invited to attend this symposium as a devoted father, a concerned parent, and an Australian with firsthand knowledge of what is unfolding.  The covid vaccine has nothing to do with preserving your health.  The covid vaccine is all about social control.  It’s all about population reduction, regimentation, and enslavement.  The level of evil that we’re facing here, folks, you people cannot imagine.  All the politicians and TV talking heads are knowingly doing this—and they’re lying to you with a straight face.


Australia, once a free country, is now a totalitarian hell-hole.  Masks are mandatory, indoors and out.  Police terrorize ordinary people for even the slightest infractions.  In the schools, children undergo ritualistic abuse for not being vaccinated.


Doctors are threatened with losing their license if they inform their patients about the risks of the Covid vaccines—just like in America!


The news media is so heavily censored that most people aren’t aware of the vaccine genocide—just like in America!


In fact, this is what’s coming to your country soon.  The Globalists knocked off Australia first because we’re a weak nation and we gave up the right to guns.  Wake up, Americans!  The Globalists are coming for you next.  Are you too stupid to realize that?  Are you so brainwashed, so narcissistic, so indifferent, so wrapped up in your careers or your fame or your own little world, that you can’t see what is happening to your own country right under your nose?


Just look around you…Look at what’s going on in Germany, Austria, the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Israel, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand—the irrational mandates, the countless vaccine deaths and injuries, the massive protests which your American TV never shows you.  The world is being transformed into a globalist prison.


Generic Blonde Starlet:  I must respectfully disagree.  This COVID vaccination program is a great and necessary global experiment, and I, for one, am proud to be part of it.  We ARE human guinea pigs, it’s true, because y’know, this unapproved genetic technology has never been used before on human beings, and because there were no animal trials done for these COVID-19 vaccines, y’know what I mean?  All the mouse trials were halted after 58 days or less, y’know, because—well, in all the previous trials, ALL of the vaccinated test animals died within a few months or a couple of years, y’know?


They all developed a hyperinflammatory reaction and went ker-plop.  Dead as a doornail.  And Pfizer  knew exactly what would happen to the mice if they allowed the tests to continue for more than 58 days.  So all of us who got the jab are, y’know, like, human guinea pigs.  And I am very proud to put my life on the line to help stop this terrifying, apocalyptic, overwhelming pandemic from destroying the human race.  We all have to do our part, y’know?


We should all be proud that we volunteered for this.  Or got coerced—whatever, y’know?


Harrison Ford:  Poor woman, she’s got Hillary-Clintonitis Disease.


Amber Heard:   What’s that?


Harrison Ford:  It’s when you say “y’know” over and over again, like Hillary Clinton does.  It’s why she lost the election.


Jane Fonda:  You shouldn’t make fun of our next President.  President Hillary will vaccinate every man, woman, and child for COVID-19 age 3 months and up. She loves babies.  And she’ll conquer this rampant inflation too.  The Clinton Foundation is very good at handling money, especially foreign donations.  The Unvaccinated are driving up prices and causing runaway inflation.  She’ll know how to deal with those people.  (Applause)


Billie Eilish:  This is all so depressing and disgusting.  I think I’ll go home and dye my hair turquoise.


Generic Blonde Starlet (in a zombie-like trance):  You’ve got to pace yourself with these vaccines.   You’ll need to get another booster every six months.  And another booster.  And another booster.  And another booster.  And another booster.  And another booster.  And another booster.  And another…


Hugh Jackman:  Will somebody shut her up?


Bette Midler:  Is she a real person?  Or is she bionic?  Did her switch get turned off?


Rob Schneider:  She’s got more brains than all of you people put together.


Ashton Kutcher:  She’s a real generic-blonde bimbo.  She’s starring in a new movie–I mean film, sorry!  (We don’t say “movie” anymore, it’s so cheap and lower-class.)  I saw the preview, it’s epic.  Her boyfriend is in the film too.  He’s a transgender, non-binary, with intersectional issues.


Mila Kunis:  What does that mean?


Ashton Kutcher:  I really haven’t got the slightest idea.


Mila Kunis:  Then why did you say it?


Ashton Kutcher:  Shut up!  We do as we are told.  We say as we are told.  We do what Doctor Fauci tells us.  What Nancy Pelosi says is correct language.


Generic Blonde Starlet:  You will all need a booster soon, to keep your health passport up-to-date.  It’s for your own good.


The vaccine uses an unproven, highly experimental genetic-manipulation technology that’s never been used before on human beings in world history.  It’s for the greater good.


The vaccine has already killed, paralyzed, maimed, and destroyed millions of people.  And those who don’t die from it will face life-long medical problems as it slowly wrecks their immune system, damages their internal organs, and causes multiple blood and heart-related problems.  It’s for the greater good.


Jennifer Aniston: Thank you for sharing that, Miss…whatever your name is.


Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D.:  Nearly two-thirds of my patients who got the mRNA vaccine of Pfizer or Moderna developed micro-blood-clots that are too small to detect on MRI or CT scan.  These tiny blood clots permeate the capillary network.  This blockage of capillaries—known as pulmonary arterial hypertension—usually kills people within 3 years.  The minority who survive will suffer steady debilitation, especially if they take another Covid shot.


Most people develop these micro-clots within 7 days after the jab, but others may well experience micro-clotting later.  This finding alone is enough to trigger the immediate cancellation of all the COVID-19 gene-based “vaccines”…Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and others.  They are indeed “clot-shots” as the critics have been warning you for over 20 months.  Everything that was predicted by the independent doctors whom you label “conspiracy theorists” has come true.


The only way you can find out if the Covid “vaccine” gave you micro-blood clots is to ask your doctor to conduct a D-dimer test, like the one I’ve performed on my patients.


Jack Black:   What’s he saying?  Something about dimes?  The March Of Dimes?  Man, I’m so stoned.  I loved the March Of Dimes when I was a kid.


Mark Ruffalo:  Go back to sleep.


Steve Martin:  You’ve just got to keep taking more boosters, like the blonde bimbo said.  It’s really very simple.  And safe too.


Dr. Charles Hoffe:  I now have 10 people in my medical practice who are permanently disabled since they received their first COVID-19 shot in January 2021.  I have six people with severe neurological problems right after getting their first Covid shot.  Hundreds of people have told me about their vaccine injuries.  This is happening everywhere—but the media is silent or says it’s all just a coincidence.


Jennifer Aniston  (asks Steven Spielberg):  So, Steven, do you think Hollywood needs to open up and launch an honest, open discussion about the plandemic, I mean the scamdemic, I mean the pandemic, pandemic, sorry—and what these Covid vaccines are doing?  I’m like, some people are actually saying there’s an ongoing Vaccine Holocaust caused by these lethal experimental shots, and I believe you once made a movie called Sophie’s Choice about some big Holocaust?


Steven Spielberg:  No comment.


Catherine Zeta-Jones:  Poor Steven, he’s probably suffering from Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder.


Martha Stewart:  Yes, I’ve heard that PPSD is making a lot of people confused.  And PPSD is causing many people to fall sick with COVID-19 even after they got double- or triple-jabbed.  CNN and the New York Times told me all about it.


Dr. David E. Martin, Ph.D. (author of “The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier”)Your PPSD is a ridiculous hoax, and so is your Omicron variant.  The fraudulent PCR test, which was funded and promoted by Bill Gates, cannot identify any virus—so how could it identify a variant of a virus?  That can only be done by genome sequencing, which is not being used when “new cases” are announced.


The Omicron scare campaign originated with a Twitter thread from Tom Peacock, a postdoc employed at Imperial College London.  This is the same institute that predicted millions of people would die quickly from COVID-19,

a vastly-inflated fake number which they later retracted.  Guess who controls Imperial College London through his funding?  Bill Gates.  The Omicron wave is the Omi-CON wave, it’s a big con job.  In reality, there was no Delta variant, and there is no Omicron variant.


Rob Schneider:  The doctors and scientists here with us today are telling the truth.  You people need to listen to them.  In fact, tens of thousands of respected physicians, immunologists, virologists, molecular biologists, and even vaccinologists have called for the COVID-19 vaccines to be taken off the market immediately because of the tremendous damage they are doing—and because they don’t work.  Social distancing is a farce.  Face-masks are useless, and they accumulate disease-causing germs.  The masks are especially harmful to children who have to wear them for hours in school, because masks cut off the supply of oxygen to the brain.


Everyone should have free, informed choice when it comes to these experimental genetic treatments, which have very limited safety data to support them.  You never gave informed consent to get the jab—because you were never informed about the potential risks.


Our government has lied to us repeatedly about this so-called pandemic.  Our government, along with its media collaborators, has waged a two-year Fear Campaign with unnecessary lockdowns that destroyed middle-class household incomes, bankrupted untold thousands of businesses, and now they’re putting children’s lives at risk with these dangerous injections.  Just say no…And keep saying no.  “My body, my choice.”


(Stunned silence for one minute.  People squirm anxiously in their seats.)


Ellen DeGeneres:  Who let him in here?


Portia de Rossi:   How the hell did he get in here?  I thought only woke wokeists were invited to attend this event.


Jennifer Aniston:  Rob, I think you should leave.  It’s for your own good.


Sylvester Stallone:   Yeah, Schneider, you’re nothing but a male gigolo and a fish-tank cleaner.  Get the hell out of here, before I do something you might regret.  (Shouts and screaming.  Security police escort him out)


Jennifer Aniston:  Well, I must say, this symposium has been a very stimulating experience for me, I mean, being exposed to heavily censored viewpoints that are interesting but of course totally invalid and incorrect.  I’ve got a terrible headache now due to Cognitive Dissonance.  I need to go home and take some anti-anxiety meds and some anti-depressant meds to recover from all this disinformation overload.  And some sleeping pills too.


I trust Big Pharma.  I trust Bill Gates and Saint Anthony, America’s Doctor.  But most of all, I trust the sacred, precious Genetic-Modification Agent which we have christened a “vaccine”—our Savior, the holy inviolable sacrament of our new Covid Religion.  (Loud applause)  It’s much better than thalidomide!  (Shouts of Amen!).  Let us pray.  (The celebutards and libtards bow their heads and pray.)


Jennifer Aniston:  Friends, my good friends, our New-Normal Religion, Branch Covidian, is a beautiful, tolerant, and inclusive religion, a faith that all Americans must belong to if they wish to go shopping for groceries or keep their job.  So let’s hear it one more time…  Sieg Heil!  (Celebutards and libtards salute in unison)


Well, that about wraps it up, people.  Go get your boosters!  Get your children jabbed regularly!  And mask up!



Note:  The Symposium Proceedings and all mention of this controversial event have been permanently banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for violating community standards and spreading dangerous, truthful information.  A full transcript of the Proceedings is available at Substack.com and will soon be posted on www.youhavebeentricked.youfriggingidiots.  While this is a work of fiction, what’s happening in hypnotized America under pseudo-medical authoritarian rule is worse than any bad dystopian science-fiction novel.


All of the celebrities named in this article (with the exception of Rob Schneider) got the Genetic-Manipulation Biologic Agent falsely labeled a “vaccine”, according to news reports.  All of them are Walking Spike-Protein Factories, their bodies genetically reprogrammed to manufacture hundreds of millions or billions of synthetic spike proteins.  According to Dr. David Martin, these artificial spike proteins are supposedly identical to a structure allegedly discovered in Chinese biowarfare laboratories under the control of the Chinese military and Communist Party.  The human body may go on producing these spike proteins forever.  No one really knows because proper testing was never conducted