Hydroxychloroquine and Other Treatments That are Safe, Effective, and Cheap

August 27, 2020 in News by RBN Staff



from G. Edward Griffin    
2020 August 27
Hydroxychloroquine and
Other Treatments That are
Safe, Effective, and Cheap             

Jekyll Island, Georgia, October 10-11 

Bradford Weeks, MD, has been a leader in natural and integrative medicine for over thirty-five years. He is Founder and Medical Director of Alternative Health Advocates and of Corrective Health Institute Medical Education Services. A charter and founding member of the  International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians, he is one of three doctors in the USA who is certified to teach insulin potentiation chemotherapy to medical doctors. At the upcoming Red Pill Expo, Dr. Weeks will draw upon his years of experience to clear away confusion about the true nature of COVID-19 and how best to treat it if you need to. Hint: He is not a fan of the ineffective and incredibly expensive treatments touted by the WHO and CDC.

Dear truth seekers, 
It’s exhilarating to know we are back on track with our Red Pill Expos and that the coronavirus theater will not cause us to lose our momentum. Please take this event seriously. If we can attract a large enough attendance, it will send a powerful and encouraging message to the American people – and to the world. If you cannot attend, there is a great live stream option.

G. Edward Griffin