ICE admits: a whopping 75% of Illegal Aliens being captured now have existing Criminal Records!

February 20, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Investment Watch Blog

Over the past couple of days, immigration enforcement agents have round up almost 700 illegal aliens — 75 percent of which had criminal records. Rep. Nancy Pelosi disputed the claim, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement also confirmed the figure released by the Department of Homeland Security. IJ Review’s Joe Perticone had more:

There were 161 DUIs, 47 cases of domestic violence, 15 assaults with an aggravated weapon, 15 cases of sex offense/fondling against a child and dozens of other cases of sexual and violent crimes.

In total, 507 of the 683 apprehended immigrants had criminal convictions, on par with Kelly’s claim of 75 percent.

Just look at them.

They scatter like roaches when the light is flicked on.