If I Had Elon Musk’s $250 Billion Bank Account

September 29, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Frosty Wooldridge

September 29, 2022

Over 60 years ago, in the infancy of television, from 1955 to 1960, a wealthy benefactor gave away $1,000.000.00 to lucky recipients. During the program, the benefactor tracked their lives, their choices, and their outcomes.

One guy bought a building and turned it into a recreation center for the poor kids in his inner city.  Another single parent started an entire organization to deal with adopted kids, homeless kids and drug addicts.  Each story gave hope to the audience.  For me as a young man, I felt that such “good” in the world needed to be multiplied throughout our society.

Here in 2022, we’ve got more problems, divisions, violence, angry youth and political turmoil than can be handled.  We’re being totally, systematically and sociologically torn to pieces.  We’re no longer Americans pulling in the same direction.  Democrats hate Republicans and vice versa.  At least when we were all Americans, we all enjoyed a positive stake in our mutual outcomes.

Today, we’ve got 45 million foreign-born. We’ve got 3,000,000 crashing our borders illegally this year. All those legals and illegals are birthing 1,000,000 more of their own, annually.  How long can that keep up? How long can we even pretend that this is our country anymore?   How long will  we remain sustainable? Answer: maybe 20 to 30 years, but not much more.

We’ve got the mainstream media lying to us. We’ve got a senile old man for a president who has done nothing of value in all his 50 years on the dole of the American taxpayer, as a politician. Joe Biden cannot grasp what’s going on in the world/nor his handlers.  We’ve got Congress tied up in knots.  Our cities rot at the core as to useless schools, beleaguered underpaid teachers, gangs galore, drugs everywhere and illiteracy driving the madness.  Pick any big city!  You hear about 50 shootings and 10 deaths as a matter of course in Chicago every weekend.  Notice that Black Lives Matter folks don’t do anything to respond to all that black on black killing.

But just have one police officer shoot a minority while resisting arrest or committing a crime—and BLM or Antifa thugs burn down $2 billion worth of city blocks in dozens of cities!

So, what if I had Elon Musk’s $250,000,000,000.00 bank account?  What would I do?

First of all, because education stands as the foundation of a successful civilization, I would gather all the greatest educational minds in the country to come up with educational solutions to our illiteracy rates that are off the charts.  I would give money to educational organizations to mentor, build after school facilities, teach vocational jobs and more solutions that would give inner city minorities a chance to thrive.

For those kids with very low intellectual horsepower, I would create programs that guide them toward redundant jobs with dignity, a decent salary and positive outcome.  Let’s face it, we wasted $6 trillion in 20 years of those two bogus wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Surely, we can spend money on our youth to become productive citizens.

Second, I would gather the finest business minds in America to create a new job paradigm that includes environmental responsibility, iron-clad integrity, social responsibility and more.  I would encourage new-thought to solve the problems of poverty in Chicago, NYC, St. Louis, LA and every city where the poor subsist. I would spend that money to find solutions.

Third, I would endeavor to discover much-needed answers for 540,000 homeless Americans.  We must use loitering laws to keep them off the streets and into apartments, and feed them. We need every kind of therapy to help them off drugs.  We need educational systems to catch them before they become useless human beings.

Fourth, I financially support all senators and House Members for sending the National Guard to totally shut off our borders. I would stop the drug cartels within weeks to shut down illegal immigration and drugs.  I would push to enact laws that put any and all drug dealers in jail for life, no parole.

Fifth, I would spend money to support law enforcement for all our laws to apprehend and prosecute all criminals with harsh prison sentences.  You shoot a cop? You’re in prison for life with no parole! I would use that money to make criminals understand they face enormous prison terms.

Sixth, I would use TV ads to show criminals what it’s like in prison as to killings, drug distribution, rapes, robbery, smash n grabs, and all other horrendous crimes.  Show them what’s going to happen to them, and then, just put the little anarchists in prison for very long sentences.

Seventh, I would put billions of dollars into brilliant minds to create alternative energy, wave, wind, solar, fusion, river turbines and any other scientific advancement.  The fact remains—our civilization cannot continue to exist without energy.

Eighth, I would spend money to pass laws to enforce egress vs ingress as to immigration.  We only take in as many as leave our country annually. Those who immigrate must love America, speak English, bring a much-needed skill and pass all exams for citizenship.  I would spend money to help citizens of the world in their own countries.

Ninth, I would spend billions to educate all American employers to NOT employ illegal alien migrants.  I would make sure employers who broke our laws…also go to prison. Enforce, enforce, enforce! Employ only Americans at a living wage.

Tenth, I would run educational ads to create a 50-cent deposit-return law at the federal level to make sure that every piece of plastic, metal and/or glass enjoys a return for the money. Kids would scour the country for 50 cents per item.

Eleventh, I would move toward a Steady State Economics model to enhance our ability to remain sustainable now and into the future. www.steadystate.org  (Casse)

A steady state economy is an economy of stable or mildly fluctuating size. The term typically refers to a national economy, but it can also be applied to a local, regional, or global economy. An economy can reach a steady state after a period of growth or degrowth. To be sustainable, a steady state economy may not exceed ecological limits.

Such a system also means a stable population that maintains itself within the carrying capacity of the land, water, air and resources.

That’s just a start. What ideas do you have that I can publish in Part 2 of this series?