If We Can Line Up for COVID-19 Tests, We Can Line Up to Vote

January 4, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  americanrighttv

Thousands of people nationwide have reportedly been standing in long lines to obtain a free COVID-19 test. The Daily Caller reveals there is a close connection between the lines of Americans for testing and the nation’s voting rights.

In the short and provocative video, the observation is made that if Americans can stand in a long line for a COVID-19 test, they can stand in line for in-person voting.

Yes, the same party encouraging Americans to stand in the cold to find out if they are positive or not have disproved their own voting rights rhetoric in the process.

We don’t need to make more provisions to vote by mail or other methods. The vast majority of Americans are perfectly capable of showing up in person to vote. The process does not discriminate against people of color or due to income.

The only concern would be for those physically unable to be in a line of people, a much smaller number than the claims made by the left when it accuses conservative leaders of pushing “Jim Crow 2.0” laws. The voting rights laws have nothing to do with race. They are about voting integrity. One American, one vote per election.

That’s the way it was intended and should remain. All other variations should be clearly called out as attempts to twist voting laws rather than improve them. If people can show up for a test, they can show up for a vote.