In Austria, the Finger-Pointing Has Begun!

July 8, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

Vaccinated deaths from having taken a Covid shot are far outnumbering the unvaccinated.  2+2 still equals 4 doesn’t it?  There is direct causation here.  The deaths are now starting to appear; pile up.  It’s difficult to cover this up when there is a massive wave of death, (of young vaccinated people).  Safe and Effective they continue to say. ???   That is a lie.   Healthy young people prior to being vaccinated, and now they are sick and dying after taking a Covid Shot.  They have taken the Covid shot/boosters,(Experimental mRNA), and now we are seeing the damage from those experimental shots. Physically debilitated; an incurable disease,(Auto Immune, and several different Cancers), and DEATH.   The newspaper obituary  section is getting thicker and thicker.  Soon it will resemble an encyclopedia, (Vaccine caused Death).   Pages and pages of Vaccinated DEAD….. “Alphabetized”.  Game over for the Globalists, or is it just beginning???      Steve Elkins RN, BSN ICU/ER  Off the Beaten Path.  Sunday 8 to 10 PM EST


source:  lewrockwell

In Austria, the Minister of Health acknowledges the problems with the vaccines, so he throws the Austrian docs under the bus. Why? Because denial is no longer working and you have to blame someone!