Indicting President Trump: A Form of Warfare on America’s Justice System

April 3, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Frosty Wooldridge

April 3, 2023

This is a targeted, political prosecution! Legal scholar Alas Dershowitz explains why judge may quickly toss out Trump indictment: “Foolish, foolish decision.”

Whatever comes from Trump’s absurd indictment for “imagined”  crimes that he committed; it’s not going to go well for any of us. It’s going to split our country into opposing factions that may never be healed.

We’re seeing a “personal crime vendetta” from an incompetent “affirmative action” recipient named Alvin Bragg out of New York City.  He has personally caused the accelerating crime wave in New York City during his tenure.  He has made charges against former President Trump over a payment to Stormy Daniels that have no basis for a crime.  At the same time, Bragg encourages crime by allowing hardened criminal back onto the streets within hours of their arrests for crimes.  In a few words, Alvin Bragg is the product of “affirmative action”, where he was given a law degree from Harvard University, without the brainpower to earn it.   It’s the whole “Inclusion, Equity, Diversity” mantra coming to fruition.

If brains were gasoline, Alvin Bragg wouldn’t have enough gas to fill an ant’s motorcycle and drive halfway around a BB.  What’s worse, there’s more like him being “placed” into positions of power throughout the USA by a man named Soros.  That man hates America with every fiber of his body.  But he’s got billions of dollars to fulfill his agenda and destroy this country.

Who loses?  We, the American people lose our justice system that’s devolving us into a third world banana republic.  With intellectual midgets like Bragg, we will devolve into another Somalia, Congo or Ethiopia.

At the same time, Joe Dementia Biden invites millions of invaders across our borders without lifting a finger to stop them.  His Homeland Security chief Mayorkas is as useless as flat tire on a 747-jet plane.  Does anyone understand that this invasion is changing our culture into a lawless, homeless, illiterate, and ultimately, fragmented and collapsing future?

Look at our southern border!  Biden invites Chinese nationals, drug cartels, endless drugs, Jihadi terrorists and worse at an average of 150,000 a month for the past 26 months.  Who thinks that’s going to work out well for any of us?

It’s already not working out in Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and most big cities where shoplifting, drugs, homeless and the loss of the rule of law has destroyed any sense of what it is to live in America.

Bragg takes Trump to court for a money payment to a whore, which is not a crime in the first place, but Bragg has allowed downtown New York City to become a drug infested, homeless, crime-ridden war zone.  Who dreamed this kind of a reality up for The Big Apple?

At the same time, Joe Dementia tells us that the Chinese are our greatest enemy, but he invites endless Chinese nationals to cross over our borders.  He allows China to buy up hundreds of thousands of acres of American farmland. The Chinese are buying up our meat factories. They are intertwining themselves into every aspect of American life.  Over 80 percent of the items you buy at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, clothing stores, equipment, tractors, et al., come from China.  We have become a dependent stepchild.

With Bragg weaponizing the justice system, it ultimately means he could indict you for any imagined crime he wants.

Do you think this is going to end well for any of us? Whether you’re a liberal, independent or conservative, this is not going to end well for you, your family or your friends. We cannot continue to fracture our country with endless immigration, multiculturalism, illiteracy and third world customs.

We need downhome, common sense, and patriotic Americans to run for office to change course toward a rational and stable future.  We need reasonable Americans to vote all of this nonsense of transgenderism in women’s sports, I.E.D., reparations, affirmative action, lowered academic standards, and sexual perversions being taught to our children—into the trash can.

Finally, we, the American people need to fire Alvin Bragg for gross incompetence, stupidity and arrogance.