Institutional Collapse of Medicine in the U.S.: How Jailing a Nurse Could Help Paper Over Responsibility for “Operation COVID-19”

March 29, 2022 in News by RBN Staff



By Emanuel Pastreich


The conviction of the nurse RaDonda Vaught for negligent homicide on March 25 in Nashville, Tennessee, was a profoundly meaningful event highlighting the institutional collapse of medicine in the United States. The use of the long arm of the law to blame the consequences of the privatization of medicine on nurses has dark implications as to what may be ahead for us when the use of hospitals to inject citizens with dangerous COVID-19 vaccines can no longer be suppressed and a scapegoat must be found.

Vaught delivered the wrong medication to a patient who then died as a result. Vaught clearly had no intention to harm the patient, although she should have checked the condition of the patient regularly after administering the medication.

The initial investigation of the incident by the nursing licensing board did not result in suspension or a loss of her license.

A year later, in 2018, Vaught was subject to a criminal investigation on the basis of a murky surprise investigation of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, followed by state and federal investigations that threatened sanctions for the hospital.

Thus a case that would normally be handled by a civil court, if the nursing licensing board’s decision was questioned, was suddenly transformed into a criminal case.

The decision to treat this case as a crime, and to hold her personally responsible (facing three to six years of jail time) as someone with no previous convictions, was extraordinary. The conviction suggests that we are not looking at simply the misjudgment of the Nashville district attorney’s office, but rather a conspiracy within the medical establishment to direct attention away from real crimes.

The criminalization of medical mistakes by nurses, while pharmaceutical companies that develop and promote harmful drugs, or the private equity firms that buy up hospitals, strip employees of benefits and subject them to grueling hours of work are not even mentioned, suggests that something is profoundly wrong.

If nurses and doctors learned anything from this case it is that if you make a mistake you should keep it secret and act as if you were not responsible.


Hospitals today in America are run as for-profit entities that treat patients, doctors and nurses as disposable commodities. There are numerous cases of poorly paid, harried, nurses and nurses aids who make mistakes because medicine is no longer a calling but rather a means of generating short-term profits for investors and pharmaceutical companies.

If an in-depth investigation of this case had been undertaken, it would have found that responsibility for this patient death lies with the privatized Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

When Vanderbilt University Medical Center was separated from Vanderbilt University in 2014, it was put under a new board consisting of “university and academic medical center leadership, and individuals with diverse experiences and talents including clinical practice, health care education, biomedical research, biotechnology commercialization, banking, capital financing, law and other disciplines,” according to the website.

Tellingly, the new VUMC is described as “an independent entity with direct capital market access to assure it can compete effectively in the health marketplace.”

In a word, VUMC is no longer run by doctors or professors, but rather by finance.

This court decision comes, not by accident, at the very moment that the deadly implications of the mandate for COVID-19 vaccines is at last receiving broad attention after the release of the Pfizer files.

These so-called vaccines, which have no properties associated with vaccines but are loaded with dangerous mRNA and other substances, are being administered at hospitals across the nation in blatant violation of the law and of the Hippocratic Oath.

When the truth eventually is out about the injection of millions of citizens with this deadly concoction, who will be responsible for the deaths and injuries that resulted?

The media tells us that the manufactures are not liable because of an exception from liability granted by Congress. That lack of liability, however, is only true if the law granting it was passed in a legal manner, without institutional corruption, and if the law is constitutional.

Neither is the case.

The enormous institutional and ideological conflict that will break out in the United States over the COVID-19 vaccines in the future is a threat to the banks and corporations behind this operation.

When corporate media can no longer suppress the facts, it will be critical for the investment banks who launched this fraud in the first place to find patsies on whom to pin the blame.

Making nurses criminally liable for dispensing the wrong medicine could be a part of this plan to fob off the entire COVID-19 operation on the people who administered the drug at hospitals.

We can imagine a future when nurses and doctors are dragged out and humiliated in public show trials and the corporate media highlighting their inhumanity in administering these deadly drugs.

The charge would be accurate, but it would ignore the role that investment banks and the super-rich played in planning this fake pandemic and in promoting this deadly “vaccine.”

Criminalizing the acts of the doctors and nurses bares comparison with the demonization of Doctor Josef Mengele, a man labelled by the press as the “angel of death” for his experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz.

There is no doubt as to the evil acts undertaken by Dr. Mengele. The rounding up and killing of millions across Europe in death camps, however, was not his responsibility. That was carried out by the Nazi Party and the German Government with the help of major pharmaceutical companies in Germany like Bayer and IG Farben, German banks, and even the American multinationals like IBM (as discussed in Edwin Black’s book IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation) and Ford Motors.

Those planners and enablers of that Holocaust were never tried and their assets (in most cases) were not confiscated.

What did those business interests gain from the massive killing of people, and specifically from the experiments of Dr. Mengele? After all, the German Research Foundation funded Mengele’s research in return for regular reports and shipments of samples.

When the full truth of COVID-19 is out, it will be clear that the hospitals of the United States were transformed into death camps where, like Jews and Gypsies at Auschwitz, citizens were innocently led to take deadly injections at the hands of doctors pledged to defend their health. Who will take the blame for this massive crime?

It is no accident that as the COVID-19 holocaust reaches its peak, criminal charges are being levelled at a nurse for negligence while all other responsible parties are let off the hook.


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This article was originally published on US Provisional Government.

Emanuel Pastreich served as the president of the Asia Institute, a think tank with offices in Washington DC, Seoul, Tokyo and Hanoi. Pastreich also serves as director general of the Institute for Future Urban Environments. Pastreich declared his candidacy for president of the United States as an independent in February, 2020.

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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