Insurrection Underway, Bloody Civil War to Follow

September 13, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


THIS IS STARK REALITY RIGHT NOW. Democrat Communist shock troops known as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, et al, have started an insurrection by burning, looting, killing and destroying our cities. Their objective is clear, to make life miserable for Americans so they will accept a Chinese Communist Type Dictatorship rather than freedom under our Constitution. If Biden wins, it will be clear sailing for the Communists, but if President Trump wins we have  a chance to keep our Republic without a Bloody Civil War. If Biden wins or loses, the Communists will continue the insurrection for they have too much invested to quit.

YOU MUST KNOW YOUR ENEMY. You must know who is directing and paying for this Treason with impunity. It is the elites who consider themselves entitled and superior to you and me. The elites consist of most of the following: major corporations, banks, teachers unions, trust funds, media, professional sports organizations and athletes, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Hollywood  personalities, federal bureaucrats, universities, military flag officers, et al.

YOU MUST KNOW WHY YOU AND PRESIDENT TRUMP ARE HATED. It is because we stand in the way of their absolute power to profit and enslave the people. President Trump is the only president in modern times to try to return our government to the people. He has ended policy, after policy, that enrich the elite while impoverishing the people. Trump has infuriated the elites by ending the export of manufacturing, replacement of American workers with cheaper foreign labor, restrictions on illegal migration, new trade deals, ending profit from needless wars. et al. He did all of this while working within a nest of vipers, liars,  and traitors who are well paid by the elites to resist his programs.

EQUAL JUSTICE DOES NOT EXISTThe DOJ mostly fights to protect political criminals, and is slow, to never, indicting them. The FBI has been shown to be a criminal organization and mostly useless in their total failure to indict those financing and promoting the insurrections. The country would have a chance at equal justice if the FBI was totally disbanded. It is evident to anyone who can read, that many of our Judges are corrupt, ignore the Constitution, and think the law is what they say it is.