Israel’s Extermination of Gazans an Ongoing Holocaust

May 18, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


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Author’s note 5/16/18: This paper received limited attention four years ago. In it Palestinians are referred to by what seems to be their biblical name (Philistines) to help place them in history. This is much closer to being true than European emigrants in Tel Aviv being descendants of Abraham, as many claim to be. The purpose is not to prove either, but to show a pattern of ongoing extermination. Part II will follow-CEC

                         Gazan With Rock In Hand

Israel Continues Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Philistine

Charles E. Carlson  July 22, 2014

Israel shelled a beach near two of Gaza City’s hotels on July 16, 2014.  Twelve years before, I dined with friends in one of them overlooking that same beach. Israel’s shelling from a ship killed four boys instantly, four brothers. Several others were wounded. The people killed and injured were guilty of nothing more than having an hour of fun on a hot day on that beach. Israel then publicly pronounced its act as “a tragedy.”  “A tragic mistake” is Israel’s standard way to dismiss even its most inhumane abuses of life, and then it repeats the act. The very next day, July 17, 2014, Israel invaded with tanks through Ariz Gate into Gaza.  This time there is every reason to believe that Israel’s agenda is to cause death by deprivation to all of the 1.5 million Gaza gulag inmates, except for those who can and will leave. This story is too painful to write, and I pray it proves to be wrong.  But I am finding others who likewise fear that Israel has already started genocide and the ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

Forced Starvation by Removing Infrastructure

The day after Israel lamented its deliberate killing of the four boys on the beach, it shelled a Gaza City hospital harboring patients that could not be moved.  Israel first warned the hospital staff to get out of the four-story building. The doctors and nurses refused, saying that the patients could not be moved. After all, international law protects hospitals, does it not?  Not from Israel. No laws of human decency prevail where Israel is in control. Tanks started systematically destroying the hospital building with the patients in it, little by little, carefully placing tank shells so as to destroy unoccupied rooms, unoccupied floors, and corners of the old building, with terrified patients and a few nurses and doctors inside. The plan is clear, the patients will eventually have to be pushed out into the street by the doctors and nurses before the building falls on them. This is just one example of planned genocide by destroying infrastructure.  Who will care for the sick when the doctors and nurses finally give up and leave because there is no hospital?  Could the destruction of this one hospital be part of a large program to render Gaza unlivable?  I think so.

Please do not be deceived by any of Israel’s pretenses at a cease-fire. Israel claims it wants to quiet down the mortar and rocket attacks from Gaza.  The fact is that if there hd been no rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel would have had to stage them, as they probably have done at times. These frail and ineffective responses from Gaza are Israel’s own responses.  A cease-fire is no more than a demonstration, for our benefit, of how patient and fair Israel is, and how incorrigible and warlike Hamas and all the Philistines are.  It does not matter who breaks the cease-fire, Gaza or Israel, for the former has no weapons to damage Israel, and the latter has unlimited fire power.

Gazans, including those in the Hamas party, will have one goal from now on:  stay alive and protect their families. Each must stave off hunger and thirst while praying the next Israeli tank shell is not directed into their home.  This was the prayer that Shireen, a 26-year-old English major from Gaza, told me about in the spring of 2002.  I do not know if she is still alive or where she is now, but I pray she is safe. Wherever she is, she will be in pain, as I am, for she told me, “we don’t want them to destroy our dreams.”

Israel’s bloody experiment with 1.5 million humans, has the tacit backing of the world banker/businessmen who benefit from war.  Israel already receives all the weapons needed to fulfill its mission of Gaza Genocide, compliments of the US military-industrial complex, and paid for by US Taxes.  Israel’s military is the 4th or 5th most powerful in the world. Who can stop Israel?  Maybe you can.

The Media Covers for Israel’s War Crimes

More important than tanks and missiles, Israel has the support of mainline media.  When covering events, it always leaves the impression that Gazans strike Israel first with deadly force.  It is implied that because of a flaw in their nature, Gazans persist in attacking first (with Israel always shown as he responder) even when Israel’s kill ratio is 100 to 1.  The mass media always implies that Gazans are getting their just recompense for their own acts, no matter how many little children get their limbs and heads blown off.  It’s always Hamas’ fault. The US news media reports it thus day after day, effectively keeping most of the US public half blind and dumbed down to the absolute fact that Gaza is, and has been for about a dozen years, an ongoing holocaust, in the same sense of that word that Israel invented for itself 65 years ago.

How Israel Justified Genocidal Invasion of Gaza

Israel is not bent on teaching Gazans a lesson in good manners, as our media would tell us, but on exterminating the people of Gaza, the Philistines, as they are called in the Bible.  As I write, Israel is rounding up and executing, Stalin style, Gaza’s political activists and leaders.  It then plans (as we will show) to leave Gaza desolate and dry by starvation, disease, and worst of all, thirst, eventually eliminating all of the Gaza Philistines, by this slower but more sure method.  This is not a new project; Israel is already starving and dehydrating a major part of the population.

Israel’s first step in genocide, now in progress, and ongoing since at least March and April, 2002 when I was there, is to destroy all the infrastructure necessary to sustain life.  Bombing, then invading and destroying individual projects like a water well or a sewer plant…so it can not be easily fixed.  Benjamin Netanyahu says he wants to “quiet things down.”  Yes, his objective is to make Gaza very quiet.  He would leave starving people totally without infrastructure to sustain life when the Israeli IDF next withdraw from Gaza, probably many months from now. You will hear how Israel’s politicians are planning this eerie quiet.

I am not the only visitor to Gaza who has observed Israel’s systematic executions there.  Nor am I alone in observing that the vast majority of the Israeli people and their current leaders do indeed have the stomach for total annihilation of the Gazans down to the last woman and child.  Israeli political leaders’ actions reveal public opinion. Israeli Ilan Pappe, a professor of history and author explained the Israeli policy as “Israel’s incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto,” in a July 13, 2014 article in The Electronic Intifada.

Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in a Media Blackout

The invasion was nearly a week old when suddenly it was blacked out from our eyes and ears.  NBC has suddenly pulled out of Gaza when its reporter seemed too willing to report. Israel does not want reporters and it controls all the gates.  As the Gaza Philistines’ cell phone cameras run out of power, and there is no electricity left to recharge, they too face stark and unheard of brutality in the dark, and we are left to our work-a-day worlds, looking the other way, perhaps to a staged tragedy in Ukraine or elsewhere.

Israeli Politicians and Jewish Citizens Support Genocide

Genocide and ethnic cleansing are now proper subjects to discuss among the majority of Israelis.  The idea of genocide as a final solution has always been well established in Israel.  Before becoming a politician, General Ariel Sharon was one of the Zionists who openly wrote that if Israeli politicians would support him, he would eliminate the “Arab problem.”  At that time some 25 years ago, he did not have that support.  Today he would have it.  Several Knesset members now speak of their attempts to legislate for ethnic cleaning of the Palestinians.

Israel’s Foreign Minster, Avigdor Lieberman, who is now visiting Washington as an Israeli diplomat, had repeatedly made similar suggestions while in the Knesset.  He is obsessed with the idea of ending the Palestinian problem by extermination and forced migration, and has openly said so many times.  Politicians are willing and able to talk about genocide, sure proof that the Israeli electorate does no longer back away from the subject.  What if a major faction in the US Congress wanted to round up and kill every Hispanic who would not make a run for the border?

On May 4, Lieberman called for the  execution of elected Israeli Arab members in the Knesset for talking to elected members of the Hamas-led Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). Four days later the American, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) expressed grave concern over his insightful statements.

When he served as minister of transport in a previous government, Lieberman called for all Palestinian prisoners, now more than ten thousand, held by the Israeli occupation authorities to be drowned in the Dead Sea and offered to provide the buses, Haaretz reported on July 11, 2002.

In 2002, Lieberman declared, “I would not hesitate to send the Israeli army into all of Area A [the area of the West Bank ostensibly under Palestinian Authority control] for 48 hours. Destroy the foundation of all the authority’s military infrastructure … not leave one stone on another. Destroy everything.” He also suggested to the Israeli cabinet that the air force systematically bomb all the commercial centers, gas stations and banks in the occupied territories. He is on record also to call for the ethnic cleansing of 1.2 million Israeli Arabs by stripping them of their citizenship and transferring them to a canonized Palestinian Authority (PA) without consulting their or consent. (The Independent, March 7, 2002).
Post Script 5/16/2018

Moral supremacy of Israeli life over all other life is drummed into every soldier in the IDF, which by now includes almost every male and many females there, since all have to serve.  After 66 years of continual war and occupation almost everyone is indoctrinated to believe they go into battle as “God’s Chosen People,” and what they do is God’s will, whether the individual or their leaders believe in God or not.  Former Prime Minster, Ariel Sharon was a Zionist militarist who openly wrote that if politicians would support him, he would eliminate the “Arab problem.”  Sharon’s meaning was clear, but the Israel majority would not then support genocide.  Now it will.  Sharon sat in what is now Netanyahu’s chair as Prime Minister, and until his death he remained under investigation by the World Court  for his leadership role in a 1980s massacre of some 600 Philistines, called the Sabra and Shatila massacre, in southern Lebanon.

Ariel Sharon’s son, Gilad Sharon has continued to reflect his father’s beliefs about a final solution.  In a Nov. 18, 2012 Op-Ed piece in the Jerusalem Post, “A decisive conclusion is necessary,” he said: “We need to flatten all of Gaza. There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing.”

A Knesset Leader’s Call for Ethnic Cleansing

An even more staggering indictment of the Knesset leadership is found in the words of Ayelet Shaked, a rising star as a member of the untra-nationalist Jewish Home party.  Though probably one of the most beautiful women in politics, the words from her mouth are anything but pretty.  Occupied Palestine quotes Ayelet Shaked as saying that the mothers of all Palestinians should be killed to prevent them from giving birth to “little snakes.”  Ms. Shaked goes on to say,  “They have to die and their houses demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists.  They are our enemies, and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

Rising Knesset Leader’s Plans for Genocide – Ethnic Cleansing

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Moshe Feiglin, is a man on his way up in the Israeli government. There is every indication Feiglin is in step with a large part of the Israeli populations.  It should not be forgotten that General Sharon said he would carry out liquidation any time the politicians would support him. That support is now present in the Knesset!

Feiglin, who I believe has aspirations to become Israel’s prime minister, is a member of the Likud party and is representative of a significant portion of the Israeli populace. Yesterday, July 16, 2014, he was rewarded for his patriotism by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who appointed him to the prestigious Foreign Affairs and Security committee. Feiglin has openly stated that Gazans should be given one chance to avoid death by walking out to the Sinai Desert.  He has been quoted as saying, “This will be the limit of Israel’s humanitarian efforts.”

The full text of the Feiglin “My Outline for a Solution for Gaza: By Moshe Feiglin” is linked here.  During the Nakba genocide in 1948, Israel did not provide a safe exit for the 750,000 Philistines who were driven out of their homes, as Feiglin says Israel should do for the Philistines, some mothers carrying their belongings on their heads with babies in arm.  They received no help in finding their way out; it was either leave or die.  Many ended up in makeshift refugee camps in Gaza and neighboring Arab countries financed by the United Nations.  They were never compensated.

Government Is Infrastructure; Hamas Is Government

The most vital part of Gazan infrastructure is functional government, as is the case in every society.  Think of your own city without governmental services such as utilities, water and sewage treatment, garbage elimination, roads, police, civic communication, and cultural activities. Gaza has the area of the City and County of Denver, CO, with three times the population.  However, Gazans also have to raise food inside its fences.  Government is the glue that holds Gaza together, and no matter what you may have heard about Hamas, it is the only present government that its people can and will follow.  No one else is there or wants to be there!

I was amazed at the clean and functional Gaza City I saw in the spring of 2002, the last time I visited Gaza; Hamas was elected three years later. The government buildings were whitewashed and tidy, the streets were clean enough, and there was food, and business of all kinds. Trees along Omar Moctar Blvd were neatly trimmed.  It was not what I expected inside a giant jail.  Later I also saw a Christian school, reduced to rubble by Israeli bombing from a US F-16; I saw two burned out ambulances that doctors said Israel had bombed and destroyed; I saw Gaza’s prison with two gaping bomb holes in its concrete roof, destroyed by Israel so the Gaza government had no place to detain malefactors.  Israel had already started systematic destruction of infrastructure, but there was food on the streets and water to drink, and the sewers and electricity still worked.  No longer!

I was most surprised to find there was a culture in Gaza.  It had five zoos.  The Gaza City Zoo had some 200 animals, including 2 lions.  But during the Christmas 2008 invasion, Israel’s IDS shot most of the animals.  It was mean beyond thought.  Others starved and ate each other because zoo attendants were not allowed by the IDF to go to work.  After the invaders left, I was more amazed to learn the new Hamas government had rebuilt much of the Zoo.  It was a place where Gazans can take their children and show them a glimmer of a normal peaceful life. The Zoo represents infrastructure.  Israel represents a culture of death.  We wonder what has happened to the lions now that Israel has again invaded Gaza city?

Starvation and Dehydration: the Mass Killers

One pattern for Israel’s mass starvation seems to be Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine in the 1930s. The Bolsheviks wanted the land for collective farms; the farmers wanted to keep it.  Joseph Stalin destroyed the food and animals in Ukraine. The winter did the rest.

Israel’s method seems all too clear: total elimination of clean water and sewage treatments, and restriction of electricity, food, medical services, and communication with the outside world.  Gazans will be left to disease outbreaks (some of which might be induced), starvation, and despair.  How do I know this is Israel’s plan?  Because they are doing it, and have been doing this since at least 2002.

Gary Anderson, a veteran hydrologist who worked as a contractor on various United Nations water projects for Gaza and elsewhere in the middle east territories, explained the Gaza water situation.  He said Israel is deliberately draining Gaza of water, using slant wells drilled along Gaza’s eastern border to slowly dehydrate the land.  When water is extracted faster than it can be replenished naturally, sea water enters the aquifer from the Mediterranean.  Gazan water is already desperately short for its large population, and much of what is available is unfit to drink, says Anderson, referencing UN sources.

Hundreds of Gazan Philistines will have been killed  and wounded by the time you read this.  But they are only the tip of Israel’s planned genocidal iceberg.  Israel is hunting down suspected Hamas political leaders from the air.  We can also look to Egypt for what to expect once Israel invades Gaza.  Egypt’s new military dictatorship, supported by US foreign aid, is hunting down and purging Muslim Brotherhood leaders by the thousands.  Israel will do much worse in Gaza.

Hamas is part of the Gaza infrastructure that keeps the people alive and hopeful.  Without leadership, the 1.5 million-person gulag will fall to corruption and terror from within.  Israel is doing in Gaza what Stalin did to the Ukraine during the dark days of the 1930s, creating a Gulag.  If Israel can cripple all infrastructure necessary for life in Gaza, including Hamas, starvation, the silent death, will soon take over.

Israel’s excuse for the Gaza genocide is the big rocket lie promulgated over the five years since Israel last entered Gaza at Christmas 2008 with Operation Cast Lead. Israel’s current excuse for mass extermination is the alleged 550 rockets fired from Gaza in the last month or two since Israel began conditioning the world with its desire to destroy Hamas.  Israel needed an excuse.  Hamas’ Rockets are Israel’s excuse.  The fact that the rockets rarely hit anything or anybody and do not normally explode, is irrelevant to Israel, so long as she can convince the West otherwise.

The hidden truth is that the Philistines have no rocket program that has or could ever damage Israel.  The Gaza rocket stories (sometimes magnified into “missiles”) are an enormous lie started in Tel Aviv and spread in hundreds of US publications every day, and used to justify the land invasion Israel has now started.  Israel needs “boots on the ground” in order to poison every Philistine well (metaphorically we hope), to hunt down and kill every vestige of political leadership, Hamas or otherwise- connected, and to render Gaza’s struggling health industry incapable of caring for starving victims.  Will we allow this to happen?

Gaza Rocket Myth Remains Hidden by US Media

Hamas’ alleged rocket power is but one example of press duplicity in covering for Israel’s so-called conflict with Gaza.  The technique used is professional confusion.  The US media sometimes report the facts, at least the most obvious ones, but does it in such a confused way that the readers never figure out that Israel, not Hamas, is the aggressor.  It tells us both sides are bombing the other, Hamas with rockets (which the media sometimes duplicitously calls “missiles”), and that Israel is fighting back with bombs (that are in fact weapons of mass destruction, guided missiles).  We also hear the killing ratio but only if we keep track and add the daily numbers.  It was recently about 215 dead Philistines and finally 1 dead Israeli, but we are never given a hint as to why the ratio is always about the same lopsided ratio, year after year, invasion after invasion.

A case in point is Bloomberg News, owned by Michael Bloomberg, former Governor of New York.  Bloomberg News owns Business Week Magazine, so it knows how to write, edit and print facts that can be understood, if it so wishes.  It published two stories about the same events on July 11, and 14, that arrived at totally different conclusions, without any explanation of what we are supposed to believe.  The July 11 story, “Netanyahu Says All Options Open as Gaza Deaths Top 100,” contains some simple facts that might cause the reader to sympathize  with the Philistines, but are presented in very confusing ways that are not understandable at first glance:

“Rockets were fired from Lebanon, landed in Israel, but no one was hurt; Israel killed over 100 Palestinians including 21 children with bombs and missiles, and wounded 660 more; this happened a week before the first Israeli casualty was reported from a Gaza rocket, where one man was seriously injured in an Ashdod gas station on 7/12; no other damage or casualty has been reported from the remainder of the 550 rockets Israel claims were fired at it from Gaza.”

Now for the confusing part:  On July 14, Bloomberg published another story that presented an entirely different set off facts: “Israel Extends Gaza Air Strikes, Downs Palestinian Drone,” by Calev Ben-David and Amy Teibel Jul 14, 2014, which states:

“While Israeli homes and vehicles have been struck by the more than 1,000 rockets fired since July 8, a missile defense system has intercepted about 200 headed for built-up areas, the military said.  A tourist died of a heart attack during an air raid, rescue services said.”

Not only did the number of missiles from Gaza almost double in three days, which is unlikely, but the story clearly states that “Israeli Homes and vehicles have been struck by more than 1000 rockets.”  But the July 11 story told us of the first casualty that had just occurred, with one Israeli wounded, and no other damage reported from the 550 rockets from Gaza.  Why doesn’t Bloomberg tell us which of their stories is a lie, as both can not be true!  Better yet, why not publish only the truth?

In fact, there have been no published reports we can find of any Israeli houses being struck.  The Hamas rackets are almost worthless, non-guided, hand pointed projectiles.  Everyone knows this except those who depend upon the US Media.  The American public has no chance of figuring out who the aggressor is.  We are given the impression we are listening to a fairly matched, bare knuckles boxing match between ugly Hamas and pretty Israel.  Militarily, it is more like a 200 pound 6-2 adult in the ring with a 90 pound, 5 foot tall,11 year old, who has shackles on his legs so he can’t run.  Gaza people have no modern weapons and no place to hide.  But we are not allowed to know any of this from Bloomberg or any network media.  The mainstream Media is culpable in the genocide we now witness.

Sderot, where most of the Gaza rockets are alleged to have fallen, is an Israeli town literally on the northeast border of Gaza, no more than a half mile away from its East fence.  Sderot residents drink water pumped from under Gaza.  Sderot is the only city that can be reached by the primitive home-made protest rockets Gazans make in their alleys and basements.  Most Gaza rockets have been pointed at Sderot, but few come close as witnessed by this:  Israelis frequently bring chairs to Sderot and sit on a hill overlooking Gaza to “cheer each explosion” while they watch Israel destroy the big refugee camp called Jibalyia, once beautiful, old Gaza City. They watch a ghoulish fire works display featuring real dead victims.  And Israelis picnic at the place where the rockets are supposed to be most “deadly.”  So much for the Israelis’ fear of rockets.

Ashdod is an ancient, biblical Philistine town a few minutes’ ride further north of Sderot on the road to Tel Aviv. Occasionally rockets are said to reach Ashdod. The rockets are unguided, often launched by hand with no mechanism to aim them at all.  So if Gaza’s first casualty was a man at a gas station in Ashdod about a week after Israel started killing Philistines, why has the international press cover branded Gaza a serial killer, guilty of war crimes?

Simply stated, Israel’s war policy runs on high-octane lies, some told by Benjamin Netanyahu and repeated by our press.  But lies about the Philistines’ imaginary war machine would not be believed were it not for the complicity of the USA Media, which allows and spreads every lie, as Bloomberg did.

The US Government is still covering for Israel, pretending Gaza is a military threat, and that Hamas, the only vestige of Government left there, is a world terrorist organization that needs to be deposed.  The media and the US government know full well that the chances of any Israeli being injured or killed by a Gaza rocket is about as remote as my chance of being injured by a foul ball at a baseball game. This is a fact known for at least a dozen years.  Palestinian peace organizations report that in over 12 years there have been only 11 deaths from rocket fire from Gaza, while several thousands of Philistines have been killed in raids on Gaza during the same years.  Media reports would have us believe the opposite is true.

Israel May Phony Up Rocket Attacks on Itself

Some of Israel’s deaths from rocket reports are suspect.  I recall a story in Haaretz several years ago to the effect that 4 Arab construction workers, Bedouins living in Israel, were killed by one exploding Gaza rocket that happened to hit their work site.  But Gaza rockets rarely explode; they normally have to hit something that will spark and burn, like a gas pump.  I wonder: Would Israel be above killing a few of its Arabs, Israeli residents and blaming it on Gazans?  They have no conscience about killing Gaza Arabs, so why not kill 4 Israeli Arabs with one of Israel’s ultra modern, American made, always-hit-what-is-aimed-at-and-always-explode, guided bombs?  Who would know?   I cannot go there to find out, and Arab Bedouins would not be believed if they dared to complain.  Yet this one incident represents 35% of all reported “Israeli” deaths over 12 years!  How convenient.

The Philistines in Gaza are basically unarmed prisoners inside a “big jail.”  Shireen from Gaza told me this in our 2002 interview, shown in Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and the Turning.

Rockets are protests by half-starved prisoners who are doing the equivalent of throwing their food, furniture at their jailer.  Kids in the streets of the West Bank towns throw rocks.  But Gaza kids cannot throw rocks out of the Gaza Jail, so when they grow up, some of them manufacture primitive rockets made from old sewer pipe and the like, and direct them toward Sderot and Ashdod at night, and the Israelis twist these nearly harmless rocket attacks into an excuse for committing war crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The Jailers respond periodically by killing a few hundred of the prisoners – not to stop rockets, but to keep the jail house revolt going.  The present raid on Gaza is much more than “collective punishment” against the rock throwers and rocket makers.  It is a program to destroy the last vestige of infrastructure needed to sustain life in Philistine Gaza, so hunger, dehydration and disease will take their toll.

Even official Israeli military sources must come clean once in a while and admit that Gazans are unarmed and have no 21st century means of defending themselves from attack, and they have even less offensive capability.  They must admit it because most Israelis already know it, and this does not speak well for Israeli Jews.  But there is some Jewish resistance to mass genocide.  It is time our national media tells the truth at least as much as Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post.  And, if American Christians do not oppose the extermination of the Philistines, why would we expect Israelis to rein in Netanyahu?

May 16, 2018 Postscript:

The Gaza extermination bears remarkable similarity to “The Holocaust”, and who would know better how to repeat it and cover it up than the Israelis, many of whom claim to be descendants of “Holocaust Survivor” ?  Part II, “The Final Solution to the Palestinian Question” to follow- CEC

“Israel firing experimental weapons at Gaza’s civilians, say doctors,” Rania Khalek, eElectronic Intifada, 7/15/2014: