It’s Official: The Neocons are Now Ideologically Bankrupt

October 21, 2016 in News by RBN

Lew Rockwell

As soon as the entire world learned that the “weapons of mass destruction” excuse for the invasion of Iraq was a lie and murderous scam, the neocons immediately changed their tune and said the “justification” for the war of conquest and occupation was bringing democracy to that part of the world.  And, who better to do it than Americans, the world’s role models of democracy.

Well.  The entire world has now learned a new lesson about the putrid, cynically corrupt, criminal nature of American “democracy” with its vote rigging, orchestrated acts of violence, censorship, and the creation of a de facto state-run media with its never-ending avalanche of lies in support of the regime, little different from the “media” of the Soviet Union.  No one in the world wants to import this!  Which of course is why the U.S. government is not “the world’s policeman” but the world’s bully that invades, conquers, and instigates revolutions, all in the name of “American exceptionalism” and “bringing democracy” to other part of the world.

The world now knows that this is all pure B.S.  What new bundle of lies will the neocons invent now to “justify” their program of perpetual war?