Joe Biden [Wimps] Out …. in Response to Ukraine Invasion

February 23, 2022 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff




By Andrew Anglin | Daily Stormer

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Joe Biden finally gave a response following the awesome speech by Vladimir Putin and his invasion of the Ukraine.

Exactly as we all knew, Biden just gave meaningless sanctions. He actually sanctioned multiple banks that were already sanctioned after the Crimea situation.

The whole speech was double… double… you know the thing!

The whole narrative in America is so convoluted and nonsensical.

Aside from yours truly, Tucker Carlson is the single person making any sense on the topic. But Tucker Carlson keeps talking about the boogieman of the dog-munching Chinamen.

To be clear: China is a “threat” in the sense that they are using mercantilism to take over the world. I mean, look at this:

China is not a military type country.

They’re a merchant country.

That is their culture.

While Europe was colonizing the third world with swords and Bibles, China was building trade routes. In fact, they were doing that long before Europe’s colonization program.

I’m not judging Europe for colonization using violence and cultural transformation, I’m just saying that China didn’t really do that. The only territories they’ve ever “invaded” militarily were countries that they considered part of China.

Point being: China is not currently a military threat. They are an obvious economic “threat,” but frankly, Julie, that’s a done deal. China is the global economic power, and unless you want to fight a World War against them, you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that China is going to control the global economy.

You could protect America and Europe from some of this by making a deal to return Taiwan to China peacefully. That is the most obvious thing in the world. China is not America, and they don’t have a history of not honoring treaties and promises, so if you wanted to stop the expansion of this global free trade network into white countries, you could do a Taiwan deal.

Also, making a deal with China to give back Taiwan would avoid a total humiliation.

(Of course, in real life, America’s economic influence would become progressively less relevant – but it already is.)

Tucker is so clear on “why do we care about Ukraine?”, but for some reason he cares about Taiwan?


Is he worried about the evil communists banning Asia’s biggest public anal sex party?


I like Tucker, I’m not trying to hate. It’s just dumb. I just don’t understand why he says it.

Anyway, my original point was that he is the only one who is clear-headed on the Ukraine situation.

His monologue on Tuesday was beautiful, yet again.

I spent the day watching Fox News yesterday, and every other show on the network is talking about how Biden is so weak and how he needs to really crush Russia. Sean Hannity is basically calling for a World War with Russia to protect Ukraine.

Fox News is also pushing for the shutting down of the Nord Stream 2 and shipping in American liquid natural gas to Germany. Why? Who cares? Whose business even is this?

So the entire right-wing narrative, save Tucker and the few remaining MAGApedes, is about attacking Russia and saying that Biden isn’t doing enough to attack Russia.

I don’t know how hard it is to say “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I mean, you see the Democrats going insane over Russia, which is a white Christian country – why would Republicans not take the side of the Ukraine against the godless anal occupation dictatorship of the Ukraine?

The Ukraine is run by an Obama-installed puppet government that is run by Jewish oligarchs, who are pushing all of the exact same policies that Republicans complain about “the left” (read: “the Jews”) pushing in America.

It was the same thing with supporting the Antifa riots in Hong Kong. We had Antifa riots in America that the Republicans were freaking out about, then at the same time they were supporting Antifa riots in Hong Kong.

Everything is just so dumb and retarded, and the truth just doesn’t matter. The truth isn’t even weighed as potentially having value.

This is a godless society. A society without God cannot value truth, because there is no difference between God and truth. That is what it means when John says “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

God is Truth.

A godless society is a society that cannot recognize truth, let alone value it.

Just look at the tranny thing. That’s the most obvious. These people are claiming – all of these people are claiming – that if a man chops off his dick he becomes a woman. This is abject lunacy, and yet it is brutally enforced as policy which must be accepted as truth.

And speaking of Fox News – these people will say “I believe the trannies have a right to be trannies, but they shouldn’t be allowed to play women’s sports.”

Why should they be allowed to be trannies? 

Just how much are you willing to concede?

Do we not live in a society?